because Teo Mammucari is absent

because Teo Mammucari is absent
because Teo Mammucari is absent
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The usual Tuesday evening appointment with Hyenas but, unlike the previous installments, with an important defection. In fact, alongside the inevitable Belen Rodriguez, he stands out and makes noise the absence of Teo Mammucari. The couple is now stainless in the management of the Italia1 program, yet this evening the conductor has given up. As it reports TvBlogthere would be no health problems at the origin of the absence and, for this reason, there are many hypotheses at stake: let’s find out which ones.

“Le Iene”, Teo Mammucari absent in the episode: the hypotheses

Belen Rodriguez returns to the management of Hyenas in the new episode broadcast on Italia1. The showgirl is now the leading face of the program, of which she is the host alongside Teo Mammucari and with whom he has created a decidedly stainless television couple. However, on the occasion of this new appointment on Tuesday evening, the absence of Belen’s right arm stands out and makes a lot of noise: Teo Mammucari.

The host, who has always been present this season, this evening he gave up thus leaving the colleague to run alone. The reason is currently unknown, but some details about this rumbling absence have been revealed by TvBlog. In fact, the site reveals that, “according to rumors circulating with a certain insistence, Teo Mammucari is not in the match tonight for reasons, it is whispered, that -fortunately- are not related to your health. In short, the Roman conductor is fine ”.

Having set aside the hypothesis of health problems, other avenues remain at stake, such as a possible sensational break between the conductor and the broadcast. “That there have been some friction between Teo Mammucari and the Italia 1 programme?the site asks.

Teo Mammucari’s flat rate and Belen Rodriguez’s outfit

The absence of Teo Mammucari a Hyenas, therefore, is bound to be discussed. It is not currently clear why she forfeited in tonight’s episode but, as she reveals TvBlogit could also be a television gimmick. The format of Italia1, in fact, has been dealing with the fierce competition of Boomerthe new successful show by Alessia Marcuzzi broadcast every Tuesday evening on Rai2.

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The defection of the conductor, therefore, could be a gimmick for give more visibility to Hyenas and, we read, “to ignite greater attention to the program in view of the two appointments that will be broadcast in the Sanremo week”. At the moment these are only hypotheses and the conditional is a must, pending further explanations on what happened to Teo Mammucari.

And so it’s up to Belen Rodriguez to take the reins (this time alone) of Hyenas. The showgirl, in addition to her established skills as a presenter, from episode to episode attracts attention to herself also for the wonderful outfits flaunted in the studio. This evening, in particular, he opted for a long pink dress, with many red roses drawn on it. A choice with a “floral” flavor, embellished with a strategic porthole to leave her belly uncovered. A perfectly fitting choice that recalls the wonderful colors and scents of the rose, the queen of our gardens.

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