Announcement in great secrecy in the Principality of Monaco

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Everything is ready for the celebrations in the Principality of Monaco: two new babies are arriving! Well yes, two new babies are expected in the royal family. The announcement cheered the subjects who would never have imagined such news. Meanwhile, the family prepares to welcome the two new members of the principality.

The whole Principality of Monaco is in turmoil after the announcement of the arrival of two new babies. No one expected such news: it arrived at any moment and filled the hearts of the subjects with joy. The family is ready to expand and welcome two new lives into the palace routine.

But who is waiting for the children? The scoop is just this: these are two unthinkable people, on whom no one would ever bet. Yet things went differently and we have to change our mind: it’s the two of them who are expecting children.

Principality of Monaco: two children on the way

Thus the Principality of Monaco is preparing to welcome two new lives. The news immediately went around the world and one immediately thinks of who the lucky fathers and mothers could be to welcome two new children to the principality.

The name of Charlene of Monaco immediately came up, which has been talked about for some time in the gossip magazines and for always disparate reasons. At first there was discussion of her staying in a private clinic due to his health problems.

It had never been clarified what they consisted of: the hypotheses ranged from an infection to a surgical operationso much so that the woman always showed herself with her face covered by a mask, even when there was no longer the obligation.


And then the specter of betrayal against Alberto had emerged again, which had been featured in the gossip magazines for several months. Once again Charlene had to fight with the indiscretions of the newspapers explaining that there hadn’t been any betrayal or crisis with her husband.

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Today we talk about her again, but for a different reason: it seems that she is one of the two women in the principality who are expecting a child. According to some sources, the always loose clothes with which she has been seen lately would prove it. After the twins Jacque and Gabriella, Charlene could be expecting a third child.

the principality of Monaco

But who is the other woman? Also in this case, according to sources in the principality, it would be Charlotte Casiraghi. Caroline of Monaco’s daughter even organized a private event to share the happy news. Many magazines reported the news: Charlotte would be about to give birth to a child conceived with her husband Dimitri Rassam.

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