Ilary Blasi, the detail drives the web crazy: it’s the first time (PHOTO)

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Ilary Blasi returns to be talked about and no longer for the much talked about divorce with Francesco Totti. The detail shown by the woman on social media is certainly overwhelming evidence.

No doubt Ilary Blasi in recent months he has been talked about in a general way. Not so much for his television adventures and for the programs that he will conduct on Mediaset, but for his private life.

Ilary Blasi –

2022 was the year of the big farewell for Blasi. About the end of the historical idyll with her husband Francesco Totti. Several months ago the two mutually announced theirs separationafter 17 years of marriage and three dependent children.

A heart attack for lovers of the couple, considered one of the most harmonious and long-lived on the sports-television scene in Italy. But several altars were revealed, the couple met an inevitable end and Totti’s river interview revealed that there had been no more feeling between the two for some time.

Ilary Blasi and the photo in Paris: the first official traces of her new partner

Waiting to hear how the cause of will evolve divorce between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Tottiwhich should be staged next March, the couple now seems far away and the two protagonists directed towards other sentimental situations.

If Totti has been appearing for months alongside the new flame Noemi Bocchi, with whom he even went to live, Ilary instead he has kept the confidentiality of his latest love affair, which, however, begins to reveal itself slowly.

Before Christmas it was discovered, through some newspapers and gossip sites, that Ilary Blasi fell into the arms of Bastian Mullera German entrepreneur who was allegedly introduced to her by Michelle Hunziker some time ago. A strong and vibrant passion immediately sprung up between the two.

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Ilary and the photo on social media –

Ilary in the past few hours has actually confirmed everything on Instagram. In her latest ‘stories’ about her, the Roman presenter published a photo of her legs with a man’s hand intent on supporting them. Bastian’s hand.

The couple is in Paris on vacation and in the photos published by Ilary Blasi, the tag to Bastian Muller appeared for the first time, to his very private profile which also boasts few followers. The man seems to care a lot about his privacy, even if the relationship with Blasi is now there for all to see.

Blasi-Muller, holidays in the snow and the now unveiled idyll

The first semi-public release between Ilary Blasi and Bastian Muller dates back to last December. White week in the Alps for the two now protagonists of gossip, pinched together for the first time and immediately ended up in the magazines.

However, it is not known if Ilary is already thinking about the domestic partnership with Bastian, or if the couple will decide to move calmly from this point of view. Perhaps the presenter, who will return to TV in the spring with theIsland of the Famousawaits the official divorce with Totti before making new sentimental decisions.

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