Gordon Ramsay lets it slip live: his wife is on a rampage!

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It seems that Gordon Ramsay has made quite a mess live and his wife would not have taken this news leak at all well. But what exactly happened?

And in short, it seems that the chef has done it big and no, this time it’s not about his Fish & Chips in the heart of New York, precisely in Times Square, rejected by various food critics who did not like the un-British formula of the most representative dish of the United Kingdom.

Gordon Ramsay lets it slip live – (IG Source: @gordonramfp) – Mammeincucina.it

This time let’s also say how the matter is all private for Gordon Ramsay, or rather the chef with a more than fuming character on TV. In fact, a guest of the Heart radio station, Gordon Ramsay would have made a truly unexpected confession live and his children have something to do with it.

Obviously, the presenter could not have known it, but a naive and let’s say almost a ritual question in these circumstances soon turned into something else, with great astonishment of the speaker that everything would be expected from the chef, except a similar response from him. But what did Ramsay say on the radio that was so surprising? We just have to find out together!

Gordon Ramsay and that confession about his wife Tana that hasn’t gone unnoticed at all

Well, everyone knows how the chef is romantically linked to his wife Tana and they were born well from their love 5 children. The eldest of all, Megan, is 24 today, just a year later, however, the twins Jack and Holly were born and then a couple of years later Tilly was born. Surprisingly, however, after a long time, the fourth child Oscar has also arrived who is only 3 years old. But maybe he won’t be the newest addition for long.

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana – (IG Source: @tanaramsay) – Mammeincucina.it

In fact, the British chef had already revealed how his wife wanted another child and it seems that Tana is pregnant, at least according to Ramsay’s statements. As we said before, in fact, the radio speaker asked the chef how many children she had and this was her answer. “Last I checked there were five, now there is another one on the way“.

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It was not clear, however, whether Gordon Ramsay was joking or not, so the presenter pressed asking for confirmation of what was said. But Ramsay resolutely said: “Seriously, jeans in Tana they don’t fit her very well anymore“.

Still, it seemed that Ramsay was joking or perhaps, realizing that he had let himself escape live such sensitive information which concerns his wife Tana, he decided to take a step back.

You know what“, the chef then concluded. “I’m not surenow that I get home I’ll check, I’m going to Boots on my way back from here and I’ll check again“. In short, the mystery remains around Ramsay’s statements, that her daughter is really expanding but for now is the confidentiality left? We’ll see!

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