“He’s an Animal”: Hot revelation about Harry’s performances

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Harry of England-Lineadiretta24 (Source Instagram)

More gossip about the Duke of Sussex Harry; after the docuseries and the autobiography of him here is high news

The Duke of Sussex news Harry and his wife Meghan are now the order of the day. The son of King Charles of England is now blurting out all the altars of the English Crown and spares no details even on his past life.

And where he doesn’t arrive with the docuseries broadcast by Netflix and the autobiographical book Spare, as soon as it has been printed, those who know him or have crossed paths with his at least once think about it to add some detail, often spicy.

Harry the animal

Harry’s past is now known to most; as a boy he did not spare himself, rebellious and nonconformist he was often the protagonist of events not in keeping with the Royal House, which he also promptly told in his book about him. Like losing his virginity to what he calls an older woman, who he describes as follows: “We did it quickly, then he spanked me and sent me away. One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field behind a busy pub. No doubt someone saw us“.

But as mentioned, even those who knew him often commented on the Duke; the former model added fuel to the fire Nicola McLean who recently told of their meeting which took place about 7 years ago. Incidentally, he was single at the time.

As the site reports Express Co Ukthe girl, contestant of the Big Brother VIP English, revealed: “That night I got very drunk and fell into a bush. Yes we ended up in the bush, I was trying to pull myself up then Harry reached out and grabbed me. […] I don’t think I showed Harry anything unseemly, but I might have, I really don’t remember. When it comes to drinking he becomes like an animal. It wasn’t my finest hour, but who doesn’t want to get drunk with Prince Harry?”

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Former model Nicola McLean-Lineadiretta24 (Source: Instagram)

Rivers of alcohol

In addition, the girl adds another detail: “He he didn’t even look at what he drank. There was one alcohol favorite that night though. We drank so much tequila that we got really drunk. Tequila was definitely Harry’s drink of choice. I woke up the next morning still dressed and thought, ‘Was that a dream?’ It was the strangest day of my life.”

A beautiful picture of the Duke, who with his sincerity at all costs is definitely washing his dirty laundry in the square. And many are helping him.

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