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Alessia Marcuzzi goodbye –

A farewell, that of the Roman presenter, that no one would have expected and instead it really happened.

Alessia Marcuzzi can look back on a ten-year career, during which she managed to lead highly successful programs. Just think about the Festivalbarled alongside Amadeus oa Hyenasof which the presenter took the reins from 2001 to 2005 and then again from 2018 to 2021.

But they are not Marcuzzi’s only nationally renowned shows. After conducting an edition of Jokes asidedecides to continue his adventure on Canale 5 arriving at Big Brother, reality show which he leads for several years. In fact, she enters in 2006 replacing Barbara D’Urso and remains there until 2015.

The farewell of Alessia Marcuzzi

The love of reality shows doesn’t end there for the presenter. After the success achieved with the Big Brother he arrives The Island of the Famouswhere he remained for 5 editions, from 2015 to 2019. His former partner also worked in this reality show.

Alessia Marcuzzi goodbye –

Francesco Facchinetti was the program correspondent during the fifth and seventh seasons, both presented by Simon Ventura. In fact, the couple met a few years later, in 2010 when she was 38 and he was 30. The two remained together for about two years and welcomed a daughter. Apparently the breakup occurred due to character differences, which they failed to overcome.

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Marcuzzi also has another son, with former footballer Simone Inzaghi. A story that lasted for years, but neither of them ever revealed the cause that led them to the separation. The Roman presenter usually shares dedications to her children and does so on her Instagram profile, where she counts 5.5 million followers.

She’s currently busy with a new program, Boomer, where different generations are compared, which challenge each other with questions and curiosities. The first episode was broadcast on January 10, which saw Francesco Facchinetti, Claudia Gerini, Max Giusti and Sabrina Salerno as guests in the boomers group. While in the millennials Elettra Lamborghini, Tommaso Zorzi, Gianmarco Tamberi and Valentina Romani took part.

However, the show was not as successful as hoped. With one share just over 7% failed to compete with Hyenas, which instead exceeded 8%. Alessia’s television return did not start very well. And to think that in the past she was often the Queen of ratings. She will be right Boomissima to put an end to his unchallenged reign?

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