Attilio Romita and his enemies – Big Brother VIP

Attilio Romita and his enemies – Big Brother VIP
Attilio Romita and his enemies – Big Brother VIP
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The atmosphere of tension that reigns in the Casa seems to have influenced it too Attilius who, down in the dumps, he confides in David. The journalist admits that he is disappointed by the behavior of some of his roommates and reveals that he has heard some gossip about him.

After taking the defense of several times Dan, in fact, some VIPs would have revealed their intention to nominate him. Even the behavior of Wilma Goich it is the cause of Attilio’s resentment who explains to Davide that he is annoyed by the way in which she has often lashed out at him, telling people that he would do anything to stay in the house.

“As long as we talk about things that happen in here it’s fine, when we touch topics that are outside of this stuff it’s no longer fine” comments Davide, in agreement with Attilio on the fact that certain limits are often exceeded. “Wilma spoke ill of everyone” comments Attilio, harshly criticizing the singer’s behaviour.

Dana also joins the conversation and the three VIPs continue to comment on the tendency of some of their housemates to badmouth everyone. According to Attilio, the main cause of the negative comments about him would be her closeness to Dana. If for Davide defending the weakest shouldn’t be a cause of division and judgement, for Dana many tend to join forces to isolate and exclude the targeted person, in this case her.

“You see that a solidarity is created among those who have to strike” comments Attilio, who however does not seem to have the intention of fueling new controversies: “After four months I really don’t feel like opening a front”. “In a place where even good feelings have no right of citizenship but only the logic of the race for whoever wins, speaking is even useless” continues the journalist, disappointed by the often controversial atmosphere that surrounds him.

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In the game of alliances that he sees being born around him, Attilio is convinced that the people who today play on the same team aiming to eliminate the enemies, sooner or later will find themselves clashing bitterly with each other: “Then they’ll come to terms with each other.”

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