Camilla, Harry’s accusations and the true story of “Operation PB” to rehabilitate her –

Camilla, Harry’s accusations and the true story of “Operation PB” to rehabilitate her –
Camilla, Harry’s accusations and the true story of “Operation PB” to rehabilitate her –
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Harry in the book “Spare” does not spare Camilla, calling her “dangerous” for her “connections with the British press”. after Diana’s death, it was Mark Bolland who rehabilitated Camilla’s image: here’s how

The final jab at the royal family, Harry dealt against the new queen, Camilla.

“It was there villains (the bad one). The third person in the marriage. Where you go rehabilitate his image», Harry told Anderson Cooper on the American TV program 60 Minutes. And this made her, according to the prince, “dangerous because of the connections it was establishing with the British press”. Coming to add: “I wanted her to be happy, perhaps she would have been less dangerous”.

Worse, Harry speaks of Camilla as a “procurement parent who he sacrificed me on the PR altar»

. In short, the accusation of the prince in the book “Spare” (published in Italy by Mondadori) seems to be that in order to rehabilitate Camilla would have “exchanged information” with the press. And he would have paid for this exchange.

It is certain that Camilla, who entered Carlo’s life, despite himself in the worst possible way

as the world mourned the untimely death of her much-loved Princess of Wales, her love rival Diana, she was helped from the late 90s to today from a careful image operation by Buckingham Palace.

An operation that it also had a code name: Operation PB

(Operation Parker Bowles, from Camilla’s surname, at the time)

But it was more than Camilla who pulled the strings of the “rehabilitation” process Mark Bolland

, communication expert with good experience behind him. And yes, an acquaintance of Camilla, mediated by her divorce lawyer from husband Mark.

Thirty years old, Bolland was in those years a member of the Press Complaints Commission, in short, he was in charge of relations between the press and the public and thus had matured excellent contacts with the world of Fleet Street in London, headquarters of the pressas well as an acute and punctual perception of the sentiment in the public towards the great issues of the country. Including the royal family.
In all respects he was the right man in the right place.


Today, in the light of the generous consensus polls towards Camilla, we do not realize the climate towards Camilla in the United Kingdom in those years. But when Mark Bolland began to manage the “Camila case” the reality was quite different. And he abruptly realized it, when they gave him the PB operation.

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In January 1998, a few months after the tragedy in Paris in which Diana had lost her life, during a TV debate on the monarchy with a poll involving 2.6 million viewers, at the name of Camilla the whistles rose.

But the Royal House continued to work towards the goal of highlighting Camilla’s qualities, overwhelmed by the understandable rancor among Lady D’s orphan public who mourned her “princess of hearts”.

For the first photo of the new Camilla, Bolland therefore chose the occasion of her appointment as new patroness of the National Osteoporosis Society

: black jacket, simple necklace. A reassuring smile and behind the desire to be known and appreciated by a world still very close to Diana.

And from that 1998 to today, without haste, the building has done an intense work of progressive “rehabilitation” of Camilla.

After all, the monarchy is not in a hurry, but it needs to build a firm and conscious consensus. So Camilla, up to now, has lived her life with Carlo – after Diana’s death – often behind the scenes.

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