Despair for Cristiano Malgioglio | An immense pain: never seen like this

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Cristiano Malgioglio has always conquered all the audience from home thanks to his immense joy and his nice way of taking life in hand. Despite this, however, the singer recently broke his silence regarding a deep and devastating pain that has accompanied him for many years now. It is he who unexpectedly tells it in a weekly, leaving all his fans speechless. Let’s see together what his statements were.

The well-known conductor of ‘My house is your house for many years now he has conquered the hearts of millions of fans with his wonderful songs but also with his way of doing. Always nice, down to earth, funny but above all ironic, he has become one of the leading figures in all of Italy. Despite his sympathy, Cristiano Malgioglio he carries within him a lot of pain and negative episodes that have marked his life.

In fact, few know the tumor that the singer had to face in recent years and discovered in time thanks to a new suspect. It was he who revealed it in a long interview with The Corriere della Sera where, he specified the seriousness and the risk of losing his life within a few months.

Fortunately, however, the skill of the doctors led Cristiano to rebirth, thus overcoming a period of scary life but above all full of pain. Fortunately, in fact, the melanoma was caught in time thus guaranteeing Malgioglio a long life expectancy despite the repeated monthly checks.

However, this is not the only drama that the singer has experienced in his life and which has drastically marked a painful and unforgettable moment. Cristiano himself tells it for the first time during an interview with weekly MoreTv, revealing the suffering that occurs every year during the Christmas holidays. Let’s see his words together.

Cristiano Malgioglio, desperation during the Christmas holidays

In the interview, the singer wanted to specify how the Christmas period is for him a extremely difficult time and painful. In fact, the latter had to face a huge mourning that marked him deeply, namely the death of his parent. In his life Cristiano had to fight against many problems and difficulties which made him very fragile in private.


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Although many years have passed since the incident, his mother’s death has marked a great wound in his heart that will never heal. More than 30 years have passed since mother’s death but for Cristiano it continues to be a trauma that he will never get over.

The latter stated as follows: “For over 30 years, since my mom is gone, for Christmas doesn’t exist for meI can’t even taste a slice of panettone.” A very deep pain that brings him back to his happy childhood with her and that unfortunately he can’t live anymore.

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