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All set for the debut of Boomer, Alessia Marcuzzi’s awaited return to management with a new Rai show. Broadcast in prime time on Rai Due, it will see the well-known television face grappling with a challenge, all vip, between Boomers And Millennials.

More than a year after the press release in which he announced his farewell to Mediaset, Alessia Marcuzzi back to the small screen again. The presenter is in fact ready to leave with Boomer, a title already anticipated for several months, which marks his return at the helm of a broadcast. The format, produced by Rai in collaboration with Banijay Italywill also see her get involved in the unprecedented role of dancer and showgirl.

Alessia Marcuzzi at the press presentation of “Boomerissima” (Credits: Maurizio D’Avanzo) – VelvetMag

Through the right mix between variety And game show, Boomer promises to give moments full of emotions, alternating, in a festive atmosphere, the amarcord tale of stars and, in general, of the costume of the Eighties, Nineties and 2000s with generational challenges between two different teams, each representing celebrities from as many ” eras”. In short, a program full of surprises and twists, of which Alessia Marcuzzi anticipated something at the recent presentation press conference. In detail, she was also able to talk about the much talked about clash between Tommaso Zorzi And Claudia Gerini.

boomer, what to expect from the return of Alessia Marcuzzi on television

Based on what was leaked, Boomer will see in each episode two teams, each made up of four celebrities belonging to the respective vintages. Round after roundthey will try to conquer the final victory by answering the most disparate questions of pop culture. Objective: try to overcome all the best match expected during the evening, demonstrating that one’s years are the most exciting and, consequently, the most deserving of victory. However, the audience in the studio will decide the winning team, unlike other game shows still on the air.

Alessia Marcuzzi at the press conference to present “Boomerissima” (Credits: Maurizio D’Avanzo) – VelvetMag

There are several games to which the competitors can be subjected: from Super Hits, where each team must prove that the music of its years is the most engaging; to What year is it, in which players are asked to guess the exact year a particular movie from their era was released; as far as Everyone sings Sanremo, where each team must be able to demonstrate that they can best interpret the songs of their generation, and many others. A path that then leads to The closing speechthe dreaded final round in which one member of each team is tasked with convincing the public that their era is the best and voting for their team.

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Previews of the first episode and curiosities from the backstage: the words of Alessia Marcuzzi in the conference

Based on what has been made official, the teams that will compete in the first episode will be made up respectively of: Francesco Facchinetti, Claudia Gerini, Max Giusti And Sabrina Salerno for the team of boomers; while Electra Lamborghini, Valentina Romani, Gianmarco Tamberi And Tommaso Zorzi for the millennials.

Precisely with regard to the first episode, Alessia Marcuzzi has revealed some background, speaking openly of the much talked about clash that there would have been between Tommaso Zorzi And Claudia Gerini. On the matter, he admitted during the presentation press conference, as reported Biccy.it: “Was there a clash between Tommaso Zorzi and Claudia Gerini? Yes. We thought this race was a little more light-hearted. The race is pretty lively. There were funny but also heated moments. Also Sabrina Salerno and Electra Lamborghini.” In short, everything is ready for the game showwhich will make its debut Tuesday 10 January in prime time on Rai Due.

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