“He paved the road with corpses.” Harry shock against Camilla

“He paved the road with corpses.” Harry shock against Camilla
“He paved the road with corpses.” Harry shock against Camilla
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In interviews for ITV and CBS the prince Harry he was not at all kind to his stepmother, whom he accused of close ties to the press and cleaning up his reputation at the expense of the Sussexes’ popularity.

“The road paved with corpses”

“After my mother’s death Camilla was the villain in the eyes of public opinion, the third wheel in marriage [di Carlo e Diana]. She had to rehabilitate her image. This made her dangerous [ai miei occhi]precisely because of the relations he was developing with the tabloids”Prince Harry told Anderson Cooper. According to the duke the Queen consort she would have been willing to do anything to rebuild her reputation devastated by her relationship with Charles III when he was still married to Lady Diana. “…With a family built on hierarchy and with [Camilla] that she would become Queen consort it was inevitable that there were people or corpses left on the street”Harry continued.

The prince blames the Windsors for having used every means, with exceptional lack of scruples, to clean up the image of Camilla. A media operation that would have been conducted with the consent and concrete help of the Queen consort, as far as she seems anxious to enter the hearts of her subjects, to be well liked by putting a stone on her past. To do this, however, many would have been “sacrificed”. The duke himself believes he was, in some way, immolated on the altar of this public rehabilitation.

From “bad” to “dangerous”

Prince Harry blames the media for creating the villain “bad” between Charles and Lady Diana. To get to the throne, Camilla would have had to get rid of this infamous brand. The only way to do this, paradoxically, would have been to use the media which for years had accused her of being a “home wrecker”. “I’ve always wanted Camilla to be happy,” Harry said. “Maybe she would have been less dangerous if she had been happy.”

According to the statements of the Duke of Sussex Camilla allegedly even passed private information to the tabloids. It seems that, after having begged Carlo not to remarry, they are “Articles and private conversations between my stepmother and William began to appear in the press. Apart from my brother, only one other person could report everything to the press”.

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The accusation is quite heavy and could be a taste of what we will read in the book regarding the figure of the Queen consort. Maybe in “Spare. The Minor”, out on 10 January 2023, the duke will explain precisely what would be the link between the alleged sacrifice of the Sussexes and the reconstruction of Camilla’s reputation. Why and how would Harry and Meghan have become a sort of scapegoat, sacrificial victims in the name of the honor of the Queen consort? We’ll see if the autobiography will answer this question.

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