Tiberio Timperi, the heartbreaking struggle of a father: he tried until the end

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No, it’s useless to deny it or go around it, it’s not at all easy for a child, be it small or older, to accept that his mum and dad are no longer together and that they no longer both live under the same roof with him. Not seeing them and living them both in his daily life represents a strong pain and – in some cases – a serious drama.

But it is also true for the parent who is not chosen for custody who therefore must be satisfied with seeing him only on certain days and at certain times. Therefore it is more fundamental than ever to remain if not good, at least civil, relations with the ex in order to make them live serene our creature and to try to be able to see it in peace.

However Tiberio Timperiwhen he saw finish her marriage, did not take the judge’s decision at all well, to entrust their child exclusively to the mother. And so he got very angry and started talking bad and even mean things about his ex who finally made the decision to sue him.

He fought with all his strength and like a real lion to try and try to change the situation but he never succeeded. And so now she has to be content with seeing her son only at certain times. In any case, very special and exciting moments that he always tries to live to the fullest, even for the absolute good of the child whose name is Daniel.

Of course, the bitter taste in the mouth is still strong and is felt, but he knows, as the intelligent man he is, that he can’t do anything about it and that, if he insists too much, it could even make the situation worse. And that is – frankly – the only thing she wants and does not wish at all deep in his heart that he already suffers enough!


He still fights for his rights but…

In any case, in general both on TV and in the Press, when the situation permits it, he still fights for the fact that the parents should have the exact same rights even when they are no longer together both for their own good as people, or rather as father and mother, which are roles they will never, ever stop exercising, and for their own offspring which must be put in absolute first place.

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An offspring that must not feel treated as a sort of postal parcel or bargaining chip or, what is worse, as a decidedly strong and heated instrument and/or argument for confrontation between two people who for a certain period of time they walked togetherhand in hand, they loved each other so much that they decided to become husband and wife and then parents.

Then the idyll is over and you have to accept it but you don’t even have to cancel and forget what was beautiful and above all that brought the birth of a son which is always an immense gift and which will in any case bind two people forever, even if they have not been a couple for some time, even on a legal level.

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