Michele Morrone comes out into the open

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Michele Morrone is undoubtedly one of the faces of Italian cinema of the moment. As if that weren’t enough, he is considered one of the sexiest actors by a large part of the female audience. However, after some difficulties, his heart now seems to be finally engaged.

In these days, the actor has in fact published on his social networks some images of his daily life in the company of his new girlfriend.

Michele Morrone’s new flame (FFWebMagazine)

Michele Morrone finds love again? Here’s what we know about him

Morrone has become a sex symbol for the public in recent years also thanks to his role in the film 365 days. A character who also gave him success and for this his own private life has quickly entered the public domain. In recent years, several have been associated with the actor love stories and also some rowdy flirting.

Among the women in his life, the Lebanese designer undoubtedly stands out Rouba Saadeh. A very important story for him as from their bond the actor’s two children were born. In recent months there has also been talk of his complicated relationship made up of ups and downs with Elena D’Amariodancer of Friends of Maria De Filippi. Finally, some photos with the colleague and actress Anna Maria Sieklucka have inflamed the gossip for a few weeks.

However, as the portal reports Isa and Chia, these days the actor has come out of the closet with a new love in his life. According to some recent rumors and some new rumors it is about Moara Sorio with which the actor would have been seen already in the past.

The private life of Michele Morrone (Photo ANSA)

Michele and Moara Sorio, passion breaks out: the photo that ignites social media

Michele it would seem that he has therefore finally found a new love with Moara Sorio. In detail, she is a well-known financial advisor originally from Zurich. The two showed themselves together on social media in intimate attitudes but above all intent on exchanging some effusions.

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This is actually the confirmation of a rumor that has been circulating on social media for several weeks. In fact, some rumors of recent days told of some sightings of the couple holding hands between the Christmas marketsand precisely of the city ​​of Zurich.

Michele Morrone with Moara Sorio
Michele Morrone with Moara Sorio (Twitter screenshot)

Therefore, according to these reports and the outpourings on social networks, the couple would seem to be serious despite the more than 10 years of difference. But you know love doesn’t pay attention to these details. All that remains is to wish the best to the couple and wait for any new updates.

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