Carlotta Mantovan, after the death of Fabrizio Frizzi, love with him finally blossoms again: even her daughter loves him very much

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Carlotta Mantovan – Direct Line 24

Carlotta Mantovan showed everyone her new love: that’s who she is. Her daughter also likes her a lot…

Carlotta Mantovan has decided to totally change her life after the death of Fabrizio Frizzi. In fact, she decided to move to France with her daughter Stella. Born in 1982, the journalist is originally from Mestre. Her career started very early in 2001, with her participation in Miss Italy. Later, she was hired by the TV program Striscia la Notizia as Velina.

Afterwards, begins his real career as a journalist, in some important newsrooms. In fact, he works for Sky TG24, Portobello, Tutta salute, Sky Meteo 24 and finally for Telethon. The audience at home immediately bonded with her, given his extreme kindness and spontaneity. Fabrizio Frizzi fell in love with the girl right from 2002. The two met during Miss Italy, where Frizzi was the presenter.

At the end, they decided to get married in 2014 and soon after they had a daughter, Stella who is now about 10 years old. Unfortunately, the conductor passed away prematurely in 2018, bringing great pain not only to Carlotta Mantovan and her daughter but also to the whole audience at home. In fact, Fabrizio Frizzi was really loved by everyone.

Their story was really beautifulin fact, many have expressed solidarity with the journalist and a lot of closeness. Carlotta Mantovan does not like social networks very much and does not often share shots of her private life. However, lately he is often posting photos of his new love. Even her daughter likes him so much.


Carlotta Mantovan’s new love: even her daughter loves him very much

Carlotta Mantovan was very close to Fabrizio Frizzi and for this reason after her death she has had no relations with other men, as far as we know, of course. In fact, she preferred to spend her time recovering from the pain and being with her daughter. We know she moved to France to build a new life away from everyone.

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Carlotta Mantovan – Direct Line 24

However, love for him has blossomed again: his horse. In fact, the journalist deeply loves horses and riding. She is also teaching little Stella, her daughter with Fabrizio Frizzi, to ride a horse. Now the little girl has also participated in her first competition with that beautiful brown animal that she also particularly loves.

The woman finally seems to have found serenity together with her daughter, despite the great wrong that life has done him, taking away the man of her life. In the Instagram photo that immortalizes Carlotta and Stella together you can also read the comment by Rita Dalla Chiesa. In fact, between the two there is a beautiful relationship precisely by virtue of the fact that they were both linked to Fabrizio Frizzi which unfortunately it disappeared too fast.

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