Alberto Matano and her husband Riccardo, the New Year’s shot appears: “caught” like this

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Alberto Matano newsby

Alberto Matano and her husband Riccardo Mannino appeared happier than ever, and they did so by sharing a moment of their first New Year’s Eve as a couple with their fans.

Matano is certainly one of the most popular journalists and presenters of the Italian small screen. Born in 1972 in Catanzaro, he is in fact became famous on TV thanks to the program Live life, which is broadcast daily on Rai 1 and which has now become a fixed appointment for thousands of viewers. The conductor has recently married his partner Riccardo, and the event it was officiated by her great friend Mara Venier.

Alberto Matano newsby

There are now shots that portray them on New Year’s Day: here they are, beautiful, together.

The love story between Matano and Riccardo Mannino

Alberto Matano has always been very reserved and preferred from the beginning stay out of the spotlight. Recently, she publicly announced that she is in a good relationship with a man named Riccardo. The two have been in love for some time now they decided to pronounce the fateful yes. Their wedding was thus held on June 11, 2022, and attracted the attention of numerous people throughout Italy.

The event was in fact officiated by the presenter Mara Venier and was held at the location of Antonio Colonna al Labico. They were many characters from the world of entertainment invited to the wedding: for example Raoul Bova and Rocio, Claudio Santamaria and Francesca Barra, Serena Bortone, Francesca Fialdini, Vincenzo Spadafora and Andrea Delogu have appeared.

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The two spouses celebrate New Year’s Eve

It has now appeared – on the official Instagram profile of Alberto Matano and on his Instagram stories – a photograph that he portrays the couple more in love than ever on New Year’s Eve. In fact, the two welcomed the new year in the company of their friends including the great Mara Venier. The conductor has thus seen fit to document everything on his social profiles, on which several shots and videos have appeared during which they have fun in anticipation of 2023.

Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino (instagram photo, newsby)
Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino (instagram photo, newsby)

In short, the photo of Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino has attracted the attention of all the people of the web, and is now making the rounds on the net. They both chose to wear very simple outfitswith a shirt and pants. While embracing in front of a majestic Alberto di Natale, the two also have in their hands dtwo very elegant and silver hats with which they have undoubtedly conquered all their fans.

Meanwhile, there is much anticipation for the next work projects of Alberto Matano who, very active on social media, often publishes shots depicting his daily life and his intense work activity. In fact, his official Instagram profile boasts the presence of thousands of followers, who always follow him with great affection and who support him in all respects. In the meantime, the conductor will be increasingly active in the world of TV also in this new year: Life Live is in fact ready to welcome all its viewers with open arms.

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