Prince Harry in tears: never seen like this

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Prince Harry has made a very clear decision: to live his life with Meghan away from the English crown. The two were the protagonists of a Netflix documentary that raised a huge media fuss. Precisely on this occasion, a photographer wanted to share a touching shot of the prince at a sporting event.

Harry and Meghan in the last period they have ended up at the center of controversy after the publication of the first six episodes of their documentary on Netflix. Precisely in this situation of great hustle and bustle, the photographer Misan Harrimana friend of the Sussexes, shared a touching snap of the prince during a sporting event taking place in 2022.

Prince Harry, photo Ansa – VelvetGossip

Even Prince Harry threw down his defenses and showed himself in all his own intimacy in front of a large audience Invictus Games, organized in the first months of 2022. The former Duke of Sussex is currently at the center of the controversy. Indeed, after the publication of the Netflix documentary filmed with his wife Meghan, the English tabloids, against which there was a strong complaint, did not forgive him. Above all, because the two former royals have revealed everything that goes on behind the scenes of what has been an institution for a long time, the English monarchy.

On the other hand, however, the rest of the royal family has decided not to say a word about it, opting for a ‘press blackout’. Certainly, the veiled dig by Kate Middleton when he spoke of reunion during the Christmas season, without mentioning either Harry or Meghan. In this stormy situation, however, his photographer friend Misan Harriman shared a very touching shot of the prince.

The emotional shot of Prince Harry with Tony Young

In a situation of media storm against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the publication of the documentary Netflix, Misan Harriman shared a touching photo during the Invictus Games. The sporting event devised by Harry, which sees contracted war veterans compete disability permanent events, took place in the first months of 2022 and the prince himself was also present. Right in the middle of the event, Harry was pictured giving the athlete a hug Tony Young.

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Prince Harry, Instagram photo – VelvetGossip

In the first shot the sportsman appears movedwhile holding one around him british flag. In the second, an excited Prince Harry who embraces him from behind. “A truly extraordinary moment between British team member Tony Young and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. The prince was visibly moved after the hug and the tears flowed all around the stadium”, with these words the photographer wanted to accompany the sequence of shots shared on social networks. A really touching moment, showing Harry in a moment of intimacy while the media storm continues to overwhelm him relentlessly. The exciting scene also found involvement on the part of the audience present, who rallied around this moment so full of emotion and true feelings, without any filter. And once again Prince Harry shows himself to be so true and genuine that she has always been.

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