Low-cut and skimpy, Ida Platano is gorgeous in her New Year’s dress: social media has gone crazy

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Ida Platano, who has always been very active on social media, enchanted her followers with the dress chosen for the New Year’s party. In great shape and beautiful, the former protagonist of Maria De Filippi’s program is radiant after the farewell to the broadcast.

The now ex dame of Men and womenwho left the program together with the former rider Alessandro Vicinanza, showed his many fans the outfit chosen for New Year’s Eve.

Ida Platano, the New Year’s dress drives social media crazy (Ilovetrading.it)

She was, for several years, one of the great protagonists of the Mediaset cult program, conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi for over twenty years on Canale 5, Men and women.

We are talking about the now former lady, Ida Platano. Since the middle of the second season, thanks to the return to the Cologno Monzese studies of his historic ex-partner, Riccardo Guarnieri, Platano has monopolized – in fact – not only the narration of the throne over, but that of the entire program.

Just over a month ago, Ida Platano, surprising everyone, decided, after a period of attendance, to leave the show in the company of the knight Alexander Proximity.


How Ida Platano presented herself

In a series of stories published on her very popular official Instagram account – where she boasts over 600,000 followers – Ida Platano told her fans about the end-of-year party. The lady, clearly in the company of Alessandro Vicinanza, also met other protagonists of Men and Women during the evening, primarily the lady Gemma Galgani. The outfit chosen for the evening by the ex left everyone speechless: long and black dress, very close-fitting that highlighted Platano’s dazzling shape, bare shoulders and open on the waist, with abs in full view. Beautiful, Platano has received many compliments on social media.

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Ida Platano, the New Year’s dress drives social media crazy (Ilovetrading.it)

The love story with Alessandro Vicinanza

Between Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza, therefore, everything seems to be going swimmingly. After all, in addition to the social documentation, let’s say, it was the directly interested parties who confirmed that they were increasingly connected. In one of the last episodes of the year of Men and womenthe two, this time as guests, told Maria DeFilippi their present, but above all their plans for the future. Precisely during that episode, Platano revealed that, at the end of the recording of the episode in which he announced his exit from the program together with Vicinanza, he heard from Riccardo Guarnieri. But no secrets: the lady replied to a message from her ex-partner.

Alessandro Vicinanza and Ida Platano are increasingly in love: the two are currently planning to move in together. Not an easy mission, since the former lady lives and works in Brescia, while the former knight lives and works in Salerno. During an interview with Magazine of Men and women, Vicinanza also spoke of a son together: “I would like a stork to bring me a gift with a big pink bow on it. Maybe not immediately, but in the near future, yes”.

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