Fedez do you know who his girlfriend was before Chiara Ferragni? | She is a very well known influencer

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Fedez: do you know who his ex-girlfriend is? Unbelievable, she is also a well-known influencer. Let’s find out who was there before Chiara Ferragni.

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni have been together for many years but the rapper, before meeting the digital entrepreneur, was engaged to another well-known influencer. Are you curious to find out who it is? Let’s see it together.

Fedez, do you know who his ex-girlfriend is? Unbelievable, that’s who was there before Chiara Ferragni Mammastyle

Fedez he is certainly one of the most popular singers of the moment, but not only that, the rapper is in fact also known for one of the most prominent characters on social media. It is no coincidence that his wife is one of the most famous influencers in the world, we are obviously talking about the beautiful one Clare Ferragni. The two have been together for many years and after a long period of engagement they decided to get married and have two children. But have you ever wondered who was in Fedez’s life before the digital entrepreneur?

It will seem hard to believe, but before being with Chiara the rapper was madly in love with another famous influencer. His name is Julia Valentina and she is also very famous in the world of social networks, so much so that her Instagram profile almost reaches 1 million followers. The two were together several years ago and were deeply in love at the time. Are you curious to find out all the details about her? Let’s see them together.

Fedez: this is who his ex-girlfriend is, she is also a well-known influencer

Today, we could never imagine Fedez without Chiara Ferragni, but they too had other sentimental stories that they still carry in their hearts today. Sure, they’ve moved on in their lives and built a beautiful family, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten the past. One of the most important girlfriends in Fedez’s life was certainly Giulia Valentina. She too, just like Chiara, is a well-known Italian influencer, currently her Instagram profile has almost 1 million followers. At the time the two were bound by a deep love and their YouTube videos kept all their fans entertained. It is more or less the same that happens today with Ferragni, but the two women are actually completely different.

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Giulia Valentina: this is who Fedez’s ex is, she is also a well-known Mammastyle influencer

In addition to the fact that one is blonde and the other is brunette, but also the characters are completely opposite. Ferragni is much more staid and pays attention to every detail, while Giulia is decidedly more spartan. Valentina is currently 30 years old and originally from Turin. At the time, the Milanese rapper had nicknamed her the ravioli and the two were very accomplices. As it turned out, the two were met on Facebook thanks to a simple chat between guys, then their incredible love story was born from here. In any case, Giulia, despite her breakup, has never said anything negative about her ex, just as Fedez has always spoken well of it. What do you think about it?

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