Laura Lopes, who is the sister of princes William and Harry

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A discreet and very reserved presence that fate has catapulted even if “on the sidelines” into the British royal family.

Just as Prince Charles brought his sons William and Harry “as a dowry” to his marriage to Camilla, so the current Countess of Cornwall did the same with the two children of her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles, Tom and Laura Rose.

Laura Lopes, Tom Parker Bowles, Prince Harry, Prince William

Who is Laura Rose Lopes? Art historian and gallery owner

The blonde Laura Rose Parker Bowles is the second child of Camilla: born in 1978, she was raised as her brother Tom in the Catholic religion. She studied at a private Catholic boarding school in Dorset onwards to graduate in History of Art and Marketing at Oxford Brookes University.

In 2001 he was an intern for three months at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice but also correspondent for the Tatler for an automotive column. Her experience in the prestigious Venetian museum will be useful to her when she becomes director of the Space Gallery in the London borough of Belgravia. Since 2005 she has been a partner and co-founder, as well as director, of the art gallery London’s Eleven.

With William and Harry at Carlo and Camilla’s wedding

In the same year we see it for the first time in public with William and Harry, and brother Tom Parker Bowles, at their parents’ wedding: Laura wears a light green overcoat and looks smiling and relaxed, as do her brother and stepbrothers. In short, it seems that they are all part of a large extended family, despite the scandals and tragedies that have accompanied it.

Wedding Carlo and Camilla

Laura Lopes’ wedding

A year after the mother, in May 2006, Laura also got married: the lucky one is called Harry Lope and he is an accountant belonging to the small nobility. From her marriage, Laura will take her husband’s surname: Laura Lopes is a name that attracts much less attention and curiosity than Laura Parker Bowles! The bride wore a white Anne Valentine dress, which she also signed the one Camilla wore at her wedding with Carlo.

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The wedding, which was held in Wiltshire, was attended by between 400 and 500 guests. Among them, too Prince Charles, Prince Harry with his cousin Lady Sarah Chatto, daughter of Princess Margaret, and Prince William with his then-girlfriend Kate Middleton. Three children were born from the marriage between Laura and Harry Lopes: Eliza in January 2008 and the twins Gas and Louis in December 2009. In 2011, when she married Prince William, Kate also wanted little Eliza among the bridesmaids at her wedding.

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