the unfortunate joke outrages the web

the unfortunate joke outrages the web
the unfortunate joke outrages the web
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During the story of Alessandro S. and Eleonora in the study of Men and Women, Gianni Sperti does not hold back and exaggerates.

Gianni Sperti plays the role of commentator in the study of Men and women for so many years, according to some fans of the program for too many years. During the last episode of dating show on Canale 5Gianni let slip considerations decisively out of place on the lady Eleonora and, instead of unmasking what could have been a deception to the editorial staff, he made a bad impression, ending up creating controversy on social media.

Men and Women, Gianni Sperti: the fans want him to leave!

Year after year, Gianni Sperti gathers less and less acclaim from the public than Men and women, who find him unnecessarily provocative and fake feel-good depending on the occasion. There are many protests raised against the columnist of the Channel 5 dating showaccused of defending his favorites at all costs, nurturing a particular passion for Ida Platano who will go to live with Alessandro Vicinanzaeven at the cost of defending the indefensible on TV.

During the last episode of Men and women, we have witnessed some comparisons between the protagonists of the throne over which have left the spectators decidedly perplexed. It starts with Daniela and Walter who broke up because of the name of a perfume, complete with dry tears of the lady worthy of the best actor’s interpretation, rightly condemned by Hope you. The columnist also questioned Riccardo Guarnieri’s interest in Gloria Nicoletti, stating that the knight does not seem convinced of this new knowledge and alluding to the fact that the Apulian is still suffering for Ida. All good, if only towards the end of the episode Sperti exaggerated commenting on what happened between the lady Eleonora and the knight Alessandro S.

The two said they were in doubt in their knowledge due to the doubts of the lady, who claims that she does not feel that right spark for Alessandro, who, although she finds attractive, does not make her feel butterflies in her stomach. Offended, the knight reveals that however Eleanor she got very close to bedroom and also asked him to take off his shirt to show her the physique. In short, if it is true that the two seem confused or want to confuse the public with strategies and lies, the unfortunate joke of John in this regard he made the public turn up their noses. After giving Eleonora some “kitten”, in fact, he exclaimed: “In fact, it is quite open”. Immediate the reaction of the people of Twitter who lashed out at the columnist.

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