Gianni Sperti, finally spills the beans: “For 10 years I’ve been…”

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A fairly strong and – not to say – completely unexpected revelation, the one made by the historical columnist of Men and women Gianni Sperti, who claimed to have been living in the same condition for 10 years. But what is it about?

In what a decidedly astonishing condition for those who know him, especially through video, the columnist and former dancer has been living for over a decade Gianni Sperti? Yet it is a rather strange condition given the program of which it is part… The fans are all ears!

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The historic commentator of Men and women Gianni Sperti has revealed, in the name of his innate frankness, despite the fact that he is also a deeply private man, a rather tough and thorny fact, which concerns him very closely. And to do this he did not choose a magazine or a television lounge, but social networks, in particular his – to say the least – very popular Official Instagram profilewell managed by himself where, when he can, he loves to keep a constant and direct thread with his fans, including – clearly – those that can be defined – and also with good reason – of the first, if not even the very first hour. But what are we talking about? What would the handsome Gianni who caused such a stir and at the same time disappointed the most ever reveal?

In a nutshell, the fascinating right arm of the feared Tina Cipollati, called vamp, revealed through a comment that many have noticed – precisely – on Instagram, not to be together with a person for so well ten but how is it possible? How come she can’t find the right woman? Yet the opportunities will certainly not be lacking….

He has been single for 10 years

“I have been celebrating it for 10 years” Gianni wrote on the day expressly dedicated to singles, accompanying the sentence with three smiling emoticons, which easily suggests that the 49-year-old has taken his sentimental situation with such healthy irony. Over 150 people expressed their closeness to the TV columnist by liking the his comment which – of course – did not go unnoticed at all.

Gianni Sperti YouBee

But what do we know today about the his private?

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We only know that in 1998 he was married to Paola Barale after meeting her in the TV program Do you know the latest one?, but what a union that came to an end in 2002 with a divorce. A few months ago the showgirl, in an interview with Very trueor, he had launched harsh accusations against Sperti, claiming that he had never “shown his true nature”. A phrase that he has covertly hinted at a possible one Gianni’s homosexualitynever confirmed by the columnist, loved by fans, the most famous and talked about dating show on Italian TV.

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