Patrizia Guzzi age, husband, Gigi Sammarchi, children

Patrizia Guzzi age, husband, Gigi Sammarchi, children
Patrizia Guzzi age, husband, Gigi Sammarchi, children
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Patrizia Guzzi age. Patrizia Guzzi is the second wife of Gigi Sammarchi, of the duo Gigi and Andrea.

Patrizia Guzzi age, husband, children

Patrizia Guzzi’s age is not known. In 1995 she married Gigi Sammarchi, who had a first marriage in 1976. Patrizia was known in Spain in the nineties for having been part of the group Las Mamachicho, a humorous program that combined performances, sketches, home videos and recordings featuring some of the hottest humorists of the day. The couple had no children. For the rest, there is no information on Guzzi’s private life.


Gigi made his TV debut, for a short time, paired with Andrea Roncato. The comedy couple have been awarded various prizes, including three Telegatti, for the program “Premiatissima”, for the television commentary of “Miss Mondo” and finally for “Saturday at the circus”. Furthermore, in 2002, they received the Lifetime Achievement Award, on the occasion of the Cabaret Festival, held in Martina Franca.

In 1986 Gigi and Andrea joined the cast of Grand Hotel, a television program which saw the participation of numerous comedians such as Massimo Boldi, Massimo Ciavarro, Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia and Carmen Russo. In 1987 Gigi took part in the Festival, conducted by Pippo Baudo and Lorella Cuccarini. From 1988 to 1990 he was the co-protagonist of the television series Don Tonino, where he played Commissioner Sangiorgi. A few years later, in 1992, he returned to television with Andrea Roncato to host the summer variety Il TG delle vacanze, to then progressively slow down his television appearances until his retirement in 1995.

After 20 years of television career, he moved away from the scene, preferring the theatrical environment.

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After his retirement it was a considerable amount of time before he was back in front of the cameras. The choice inevitably fell on the cinematographic ones. In 2008 he returned to the big screen in the screenplay Benvenuti in amore, by Michele Coppini. In 2018 he took part in a hugely successful fiction even on the small screen, L’ispettore Coliandro, by the Manetti Bros. The comedian was recently a guest on C’è tempo per…, the Rai Uno program broadcast every morning from Monday to Friday.

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