Brooke from Beautiful, have you ever seen her daughter? More beautiful than her

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Beautiful’s Brooke in real life has a beautiful daughter. Have you ever seen her? Let’s get to know her now!

Brooke from Beautiful –

The famous American actress, interpreter of Brooke Logan on the soap opera The Beautifulhas one daughter who is a charm. We present it to you.

Brooke from Beautiful, the most famous American in Italy

American actress, with an extraordinary career behind her, Katherine Kelly Lang he made himself known not only overseas but also in Italy for his participation in the longest soap opera ever: Beautiful.

The actress who plays Brooke Logan –

She, who has been one of the main protagonists since the first season, still continues to be part of it today. Lang is a beloved face of the Italian public who knows perfectly the story of this intriguing character who over the years has managed to make himself loved all over the world.

But it’s not with Beautiful which begins the success of Katherine who already in 1987 began to take his first steps both in the cinema and in the theatre. Her face is par excellence associated in any case with this famous American soap opera.

But besides Beautiful, the international Brooke he also took part in other important professional projects. For example, you acted in the film “Trap in the Night” of Valentine and in “Lethal Experiment” along with Ian Ziering, familiar face of Beverly Hills 90210.

His fame also reached Italy. In 2014 Milly Carlucci wanted her in his program “Dancing with the Stars” where she performed together with Simone Di Pasquale. In short, an extraordinary career.

As for instead his private life, we tell you that she has a daughter who is just as beautiful as her. They look like two sisters. Have you ever seen Katherine’s young heiress?

Who is the beautiful daughter of the famous American actress

Of Brooke Logan, protagonist of Beautiful, we know life, death and miracles. But say Katherine Kelly Lang, instead? Besides her impressive acting career, what do we know? We give you some more info on his private life.

Katherine Kelly Lang
Katherine Kelly Lang –

There International Brooke she got married twice and is mother of three children. With his first husband, Skott Snider has had Jeremy and Julian born in 1990 and 1992 respectively. His two sons they starred in Beautiful with her when they were little.

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In 1997however, the actress from her second partner, Alex D’Andrea, had a daughter, Zoe Katrina and it is precisely about her that we want to talk to you today.

The daughter of the actress she plays Brooke Logan in Beautiful she is really beautiful. Model physique, eyes that speak for themselves, a long call that reaches over her shoulders: it is a spectacle of nature.

His name has become famous thanks to his well-known parents. Even the father of Zoe, Alex D’Andrea is well known in the United States of America, he is in fact an established entrepreneur, producer and founder of a production company, the Baldwin D’Andrea. What do we know about the daughter of the two very famous?

Zoe is a very private woman, however, we know that he studied at the Oak Christian High School graduating in 2015. He then decided to continue with university studying fashion marketing at Istituto Marangoni.

What does he do? Today she is a stylist and social media manager and also holds a prominent position in the public relations sector. Despite being very young, Zoe is already a partner and a mother. He has been in a relationship with for a long time Tyler with whom she gave birth to two splendid children, Zuma in 2018 and Reign born in 2020.

In several interviews, Katherine Kelly Lang has opened up about her relationship with her children and especially Zoe with which he feels particularly close. Mom and daughter share not only a love of entertainment but also a love of family: Zoe is a caring mother and Katherine an extraordinary grandmother.

Lang and daughter
The actress with her daughter Zoe and her granddaughter –

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