Have you ever seen Attilio Romita’s wife? Beautiful but also very young!

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The journalist Attilio Romita, competitor of GF VIP 7, got married to a much younger woman than him. Let’s see who we are talking about.

One of the participants of this seventh edition of VIP Big Brother is Atilius Romitawell-known journalist Rai who has decided to enter the most spied on house in Italy. Discovering the competitors and reading his name, many thought that he would only serve as an ornament in such a lively and sparkling context, since he is a serious and respectable journalist.

Let’s see who Romita’s wife is

And instead, surprising everyone, Attilio Romita proved capable of adapting to the context and becoming one of the most talked about characters on social media. The journalist immediately declared that he entered the house to win and therefore, every time he ends up in the nomination, he always hopes not to leave the reality show because he wants to continue playing.

Often Romita finds himself arguing with the other competitors because he thinks they are too rude in their ways (as happened with Luca Salatino). However, through ups and downs, Attilio has always tried to have fun and be a pleasant roommate in the house.

But a harmless game of the bottle game has sparked an uproarbecause Attilio Romita passionately kissed Sofia Giaele De Donà, a young woman in the house, on the mouth, and this infuriated his wife.

How did Mimma react?

Although she was disappointed, Attilio’s wife sends a letter where it is written that she loves him to death, who didn’t come on show because she doesn’t like appearing in public but who supports him every day and is proud of him.


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One question dwells on everyone’s mind: who is this woman? It’s about Mimma Fuscoof which not much is known except that she is much younger than him and that, although the two call themselves husband and wife, they are not married.

They met at a party Bari and since then Romita has been courting Mimma for a long time, saying that he had never seen a more beautiful woman. And now they have been together for 7 years. Before Mimma, Attilio had a wife, Angelawith whom he has a daughter, Alexiawith whom he gets along very well.

As for Big Brother VIP, Atilius Romita he passed the nomination with Pamela Prati and Giaele so for now he won’t be able to return to his beloved “wife”.

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