Asia Argento, the revelation is among the heaviest: after years she didn’t expect it

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Asia Argento recently ended up at the center of an incredible media storm: in fact, it seems that she has not paid off her debt and that for this reason she could end up in court.

Asia Argento he reconfirms himself as one of the most controversial characters in Italian cinema (and beyond).

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Recently, a well-known person accused her of not paying her the amount she deserved some time ago. For this reason the actress risks ending up in court.

Asia Argento in the storm

That Asia Argento was a very controversial, divisive, peculiar character was clear to everyone. He had been since the days of her union with Morgan, which seemed to be meant to last forever, especially after that the birth of daughter Anna Lou, but which in the end left behind only a trail of resentment, mutual accusations, poisonous words.

It was even at the time of his flirtation with Fabrizio Corona, then turned out to be a flash in the pan, which lasted very little. But it is still today that the actress has received very serious accusations: it seems, in fact, that he has had a bill to settle for a very long time. There daughter of Dario Argento in short, it is literally in the storm.

He hasn’t paid off his debt

Asia Argento was directly led into the storm Annamaria Bernardini De Pace, during the interview given to Belve, the now famous program hosted by Francesca Fagnini. The lawyer, as is typical of her character, did not send anyone to tell them. Starting from the most sensational media event of the year, the affair Totti-Blasiin which he should have taken part as a lawyer of the Puponeexcept then take a step back and get to define it “Totti who?” to get to Gabriel Muccino, that of her he would have said that “crashes people’s lives like nuts”, after she herself had defended his ex-wife, violinist Elena Majoni, there Bernardini De Pace he had a word (not always good) for all his former clients and beyond.


In the magnum sea of ​​names that emerged during the long interview with Fagninione emerged, that of Asia Argento, combined with another very famous one, that of Nina Moric. What the two women, apparently so different from each other, have in common, it is easy to say: both owe the lawyer money, because after being defended by her they have not paid their bills.

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According to the mother of Clare Jordansome VIPs would not pay convinced that it is enough to put their name next to hers to be able to have paid the bill, without counting however that the lawyer still finds a way to get the money (“I sue those who don’t pay and I get my money back”, he was keen to clarify in no uncertain terms).

Basically, always according to his story, years ago he would have defended the daughter of Darius Silver when her daughter’s father kidnapped her. The lawsuit was successful from the legal point of view, from the economic point of view a little less, as the actress should have paid for her services but she never did.

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There Bernardini De Pace anyway thinking about what happened he said: “Anyway, I wouldn’t defend her even if she came back. I defend the real victims. I can and I want to choose, (…) Can she ever look like a real victim to someone?”. Considering the lawyer’s aforementioned statement on her propensity to sue those who don’t pay her, it is therefore not excluded that even Argento could end up in court.

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