the best and the worst of the episode

the best and the worst of the episode
the best and the worst of the episode
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Although it is a reality show already well established and whose mechanisms are known to practically everyone, there is one thing that remains constant to the GF Vip: from time to time the competitors “forget” to be surrounded by dozens of cameras and microphones from morning to evening. So in the 13th episode aired on the evening of October 31st, the block dedicated to one of the moments that most caused debate among the diehard fans of the program could not be missing: the phrase escaped from the lips of Antonella Fiordelisi about Francesco Totti. And we finally know the truth about what happened.

Antonella Fiordelisi’s truth about Francesco Totti

“I’m not telling you the mess that broke out on the web”, so began Alfonso Signorini introducing the question-Totti al GF Vip 7. Why yes, the story that has been raging in gossip newspapers for months has managed to end up even within the walls of the most spied on house in Italy. The offending sentence was a “Totti wrote to me” pronounced with all the spontaneity and naivety (perhaps) of Antonella Fiordelisi during a quiet conversation with Edoardo Donnamaria (her flirtation) and Giaele De Donà. From there the social networks have been a constant swarm of suspicions and hypothesesuntil in the episode we finally found out the whole truth.

The former fencer admitted the veracity of her words, adding some more details: “I actually don’t know the exact period because he just wrote me ‘hello’ and I have a friend request left [su Instagram, ndr]. (…) I think it happened two months ago (…) Now I don’t remember well (…) I really did a bad thing, you say? ”. Well, judging by the timing of the Pupone’s phantom private message, we cannot speak of trouble but certainly of a “diplomatic incident”. Totti had already broken off relations with Ilary Blasi for some time, but he was already busy with the new flame Noemi Bocchi. Who knows if she will have something to say about it …

Nikita Pelizon’s revenge

While the social media people are divided between those who believe in Antonella Fiordelisi’s good faith and those who, on the contrary, think she is a skilled player (and that Edoardo should run away), there was no doubt about one thing: Nikita Pelizon is there favorite of the 13th episode. A great coup for the influencer who spent unhappy moments inside the most spied on house in Italy.

Nikita impressed everyone with the story of his childhood (which her mother did not like), she distinguished herself from the beginning for a very particular character and which often caused misunderstandings with some competitors, first of all Antonino Spinalbese who, right in the episode, told for the first time about his father’s tragic suicide. It makes us think that two people like them are perpetually at loggerheads, albeit united by a difficult past that has marked them deeply.


Pamela Prati and the nominees of the 13th episode of “GF Vip 7”

The “diva” of GF Vip 7 she ended up in nominations, as expected. But together with Pamela Prati this time the televoting has also touched the two women with whom she fights most often, Carolina Marconi and Patrizia Rossetti. Perhaps the disagreements between the competitors are starting to bore the other tenants of Cinecittà, or perhaps it is just a strategy to put three strong women and potential winners in a bad light.

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Also in the sights of the Vippons George Ciupilan, the youngest competitor, who on the contrary seems to err on the side of excessive diplomacy. We will see what the public will decide, called to vote for the favorite among the four.

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