nothing is true, disconcerting truth emerges

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Alessandro Egger is winning the hearts of Italians for his dramatic story, but the boy’s mother denied it.

Son of the noblewoman Cristina Vittoria Egger, a Versace collaborator in the 90s and an important name in the fashion world, Alessandro Egger is a model who was almost unknown in Italy before arriving as a competitor in Dancing with the stars. In the last month the Italian public has learned to know him well, he has fallen in love with the performances he puts on every week together with the bravisisma Tove Villfor and has become passionate about a personal story full of difficult moments and fragility. The boy said he was thrown out of the house when he was 17 and even lived on the street for a while, so he spoke openly about the clash with his mother.

After such a dramatic story, it was a matter of time before the trade press went to ask Cristina Vittoria Egger for an explanation. The woman was interviewed last week by the weekly ‘Moreover‘and from his story emerges a slightly different version of the one told during the program of Rai Uno by Alessandro. Egger does not want to sharpen the distance with her son and does not want to put herself in open contrast with him, but she is keen to point out that things went slightly differently from how he tells her: “I don’t want to say that my son is lying, But I think that his mind has misinterpreted what happened and that his memories are distorted. He has always been a restless kid, a rebel ”.

Alessadro Egger, the mother tells her version of events about what happened

During his adolescence Alessandro was a boy in contrast to his parents like many boys at that age. Cristina Vittoria explains that he avoided family events, important meetings and his school performance was terrible. At 19, therefore, and the woman is keen to specify “Not at seventeen as he says”Was placed by his mother in front of an ultimatum: if he was rejected he still had to go to work. The woman is keen to clarify that it was not a punishment: “It was a way to spur him, and when he was rejected again, we had a fight and he left home. He didn’t live on the street as he says, I always paid for everything, then my grandmother helped him. But he is stubborn and soon he wanted to go it alone. He also worked as a street sweeper in London to pay his rent, then established himself as a model. Unfortunately he feels, wrongly, some emotional shortcomings and in his heart there are unresolved knots ”.

Cristina Vittoria Egger tries to explain that on her part and her husband, Alessandro’s adoptive father, there will always be the door open and that there will always be time to make peace. As for the emotional deficiencies that he has revealed in recent weeks, her mother explains: “He grew up with the feeling of not being loved. It’s just a feeling, because I adore my son and my husband has always treated him as if he were the real father. There were never any distinctions with him and his brothers ”. Everyone’s hope now is that the two will be able to iron out the differences and, why not, that this reconciliation can take place in favor of cameras by the end of Dancing.


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