Valentina Ferragni “left” by her boyfriend: the announcement on Instagram

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Valentina Ferragni, after nine years of love with Luca Vezil, has been “left”. With a long post on Instagram, in which the influencer’s boyfriend wanted to explain the situation to his followers as well, the announcement arrived: Luca Vezil is forced to leave abroad for work and for this …

Valentina Ferragni she will have to give up her boyfriend, Luca Vezil, at least for this summer. There sister from Chiara Ferragni, as announced with a long post Published on Instagram, will have to contend with the absence of the fiance, who will leave her after nine years of love. How come? By chance they too join the long list of couples who have decided to say each other goodbye just this summer?

In reality, according to what was told by those directly involved, there would be no need to worry. Luca Vezil, in fact, he will leave Valentina Ferragni for a shared choice: the fiance of the influencer had to accept one job offer which could not be refused, but which will take him away from Italy for a few months …

Valentina Ferragni: the “goodbye” message

Aware that they will be apart for several months (and for the first time since they got engaged), Valentina Ferragni And Luca Vezil they have chosen to take advantage of their last moments together to indulge in a romantic voyage to Saint Tropez. As announced by Luca Vezil, in fact, the two will not spend the summer together for a job offer that will take him away from Italy.

A distance that, however, Valentina Ferragni seems to have accepted, supporting the fiance in this new project and always remaining by his side, despite everything. Luca Vezil wanted to underline this aspect, writing as follows:

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Vale has been not only my biggest supporter, but also my biggest push to accept the job I’m going to do, and my biggest shoulder to get everything ready. For this summer we had an incredible trip planned but, faced with this opportunity, she did not flinch when I told her it would be right around the time of our vacation.

Here because Luca Vezil And Valentina Ferragni they allowed themselves a few romantic hours to say goodbye before this experience: “We ran away to be together, to cuddle and relax, in what were the last days of summer together”, said Vezil, publishing some beautiful shots together of the fiancée. Just a taste of the evening, which will always remain in their hearts.

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