Hande Ercel, the shock gesture: Kerem Bursin has to do with it

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It was a love story – undoubtedly – very but very overwhelming that also saw Turkish actors and working partners on the set of the fiction as protagonists in real life. Love Is In The Air, which is – however – sadly over. But even today i fans have never resigned themselves to the end of their liason in life. The latest statements by Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin in this regard … And in the meantime it displaces a gesture from her …

Hande Erçel And Kerem Bürsin, undisputed faces of Love Is In The Air, they lived a profound love story in life as well as on the set, which unfortunately ended. The last statements of the two actors and her gesture that has not gone – certainly – unnoticed …

Kerem Bürsin, the truth about his current relationship with Handel Ercel

Hande Erçel in the last few days has returned to the center of the gossip Turkish. The reason? Her former partner in life and on the set of Love is in the air, or rather the fascinating Kerem Bürsinintercepted by some journalists on the occasion of his friends’ wedding Ege Kökenli And Lior Ahituvwas prompted by the press present at the event on the type of relationship he has at the moment with his own Ex Girlfriendwhich is still on the crest of the wave, just like him.

How did he react? What did he say about it?

Apparently he did not hesitate, not even for a second, to reveal that today they are friends. Sono backfire between them, as hoped by the fans. Do you have – maybe – a new girlfriend? Apparently not! Is single and that’s fine.

And his very beautiful and famous ex how will he have reacted in reading his statements? She felt like replying something?

On the set with Can Yaman and a chatted flirtation with another colleague …

At the moment no word about it has come out of his mouth. The actress – by the way – was also recently a great protagonist of a commercial for a well-known car manufacturer and for Disney Plus Turkey. Apparently he should soon be on the set of the series El Turcoin which she should be the female lead alongside Can Yaman which today is also very popular in our country where it has become a real star.


In the meantime, in these very last hours, another very tasty news is bouncing on the Web that once again sees the beautiful protagonist Hande.

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After the end of the love story with Kerem Bürsinmany believed that she had been in a relationship with her colleague Kaan Yıldırım, which – however – according to the Turkish press would never really take off. She – on her side – has always said that it was one beautiful friendshipNothing more and nothing less.

But what friendship! The gesture that displaces the fans

But now, the magazine Magazingeltvbrings out a further background on the story that still sees as undisputed protagonists the two very famous ex.

Apparently Hande And Kaan, they would both stop following each other on social media. But if they are now on good terms enough to define themselves as friends, why did they make this choice? It is – maybe – over too friendship? Or – maybe – there never was and was it just an invention to keep the fans happy?

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