Carmen Russo, her daughter Maria is now a photocopy of her father Enzo Paolo: beautiful

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Carmen Russo and Enzo Paolo Turchi’s daughter has grown up and is more and more like her father. Here’s the picture!

Carmen Russo and Enzo Paolo Turchi are one of the historical couples of show business, united since the 80s by a really strong love. To make their union even stronger was certainly the birth of little Maria in 2013, the daughter long desired by both spouses, who arrived after many years of trying.

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In fact, Carmen had a lot of difficulty becoming a mother, also due to her advanced age. Now that she can finally hold her, Maria in her arms couldn’t be happier. She and Enzo Paolo never miss an opportunity to spoil her. Lately they even gave her an adorable little dog from which Mary never separates.

Carmen Russo, how her daughter Maria became: the same as her father

Today the daughter of Carmen and Enzo Paolo has grown up and is already almost 10 years old. The similarity of her with her father Enzo Paolo is undeniable and very marked, and she surprised all the fans. Carmen admitted to not being able to be strict with her daughtereven when it deserves punishment.

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“When we fight I try to put her in detention but I can’t,” Russo said in an interview. “We have distinguished our life before and after Mary. The previous one was full of successes and hard work, but today’s one is crazy. We are enjoying it because, not being teenagers anymore, we have a lot of free time. We never imagined that a child could give us so much wealth “.

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Meanwhile, in recent days there has been much discussion of a probable crisis between Enzo Poalo and Carmen, which immediately alarmed the fans. It was actually one simple fake newsand Enzo Paolo took the opportunity to put on a comic curtain “I didn’t know anything about it! How is that possible, if this story concerns me? “, he exclaimed ironically in a video posted on Instagram in which he appears alongside Carmen. “Where do I sleep tonight?”. In reality, then, things between them couldn’t get better and the idea of ​​separation is light years from their minds!

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