Is Totti repentant? All for all to ‘win back’ Ilary, the indiscretion

Is Totti repentant? All for all to ‘win back’ Ilary, the indiscretion
Is Totti repentant? All for all to ‘win back’ Ilary, the indiscretion
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The latest rumors about the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi want the repentant former footballer. It seems that the Pupone is doing everything to ‘win back’ the presenter: this is what is happening.

The separation between the former Giallorossi captain and the former word of mouth letter is the gossip of the year. Ever since the two announced that the marriage was over, the gossip has always maintained a certain ferment: betrayals, digs and legal battle, everything has been put on the square also because of the surprise interview released by the Pupone.

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The separation between Francesco Totti And Ilary Blasi continues to interest fans of both who are always looking for updates on what is happening between them. A key point in the story was the surprise interview that was released by the former Roma captain on the pages of the Corriere della Sera where he accused his ex-wife.

From that moment the relations between the Pupone and the presenter froze even more. But according to what is reported by the magazine Oggi, it seems that Totti has repented of that action. The rumors see the former Roma and National footballer retrace his steps and try in every way a win back Ilary. Let’s see the details specifically.

Separation of Totti and Ilary, less tense relationships: towards a dialogue?

Francesco Totti’s move in giving that interview to the newspaper and attacking his wife did not appeal to many people, including the Ilary’s family who responded to those allegations. However, according to what was reported by the weekly, it seems that Francesco is doing everything for regain Ilary’s trust and try to find a balance.

It seems that Totti noticed the mistake he made in saying certain things and therefore decided to take a step back especially for the good of the three children born from the marriage with the presenter. It is precisely for Cristian, Chanel and Isabel that Francesco has decided to try at all costs to get one consensual separation and go to court peacefully.

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The goal of the Pupone is precisely that of reopen a civil dialogue with Ilary, since for several months it seems that the two have been apart due to the strong tension between them. In the meantime, Totti continues to hang out with Noemi, the woman who said about him made him smile again after a difficult period.

In all this, Ilary Blasi’s interview with Verissimo is ‘frozen’. For the moment, Silvia Toffanin said that a chat with her friend is not planned. This would mean that Ilary’s presence in Verissimo could be there in spring, perhaps to launch L’Isola dei Famosi.

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