Gabriel Garko on the verge of death: “I was afraid of burning alive”

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Guest at “Verissimo”, Gabriel Garko recounted the tragic accident for which he feared he would die. The painful story moved and shocked viewers.

Gabriel Garko he opened his heart to Silvia Toffanin telling one of the most tragic moments of his life. No one expected the actor to have experienced aexperience Like this absurd and al limit of death. I live by a miracle, it tells itself as you have never seen it before: fragile and frightened.

“I was afraid of being burned alive”admits the actor, amazing everyone.

Gabriel Garko, in fact, has made a lot of talk about himself in recent years on the pages of the gossip column for his coming out done on live tv from Alfonso Signoriniduring an episode of the Big Brother Vip.

The actor, however, had never told of such traumatic experiences. This time, however, in Silvia Toffanin’s talk show, he opened his heart showing himself in all his fragility in front of an audience deeply shaken by his words.

Gabriel Garko victim of a gas leak

The episode recounted concerns an explosion due to a gas leak. It was 2016 when the actor was in Liguria as he was one of the co-hosts of Sanremo. The tragedy took place in the villa where she was staying for work, which went up in smoke due to a dangerous gas leak.

Gabriel Garko really came close to death and came out unscathed by a miracle. A different fate than that of the owner of the villa who, on the other hand, tragically died in the fire.

“It was an experience that living it was not nice – tells Toffanin –. I have always hated two things in my thoughts: I do not suffer from claustrophobia, but in a tight situation I am not happy, because there I was blocked by walls fallen on him. And then I was afraid of being burned alive.

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“I ended up in a cliff”

Along his life line, though, this is not the only episode during which Gabriel feared for his own life. The actor talked about how much he was victim of an accident road occurred a few years before the fire in the villa.

Garko says he went out in his car, an SUV, when suddenly the vehicle’s lights went out and he went into a cliff. Again, the actor was saved by a miracle.

With hindsight, Gabriel pulled the strings and drew a moral that can be an example to each of us:

“These experiences have taught me how important it is to live today. Thinking about the past is fine, but you shouldn’t get fixated on the past otherwise you risk not moving forward “.

The article is in Italian

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