Are Icardi and Wanda separating? Unbelievable: announcement on Instagram!

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After 8 years of love, the chat love story between showgirl Wanda seems to have come to an end Nara and her husband, as well as former player ofInterMauro Icardicurrently under the Galatasaray on loan since Paris Saint-Germain.

Today, according to what was reported by the Argentine TV program LAM (Los Angeles de la Mañana)the two would have been denounced by the neighbors for trying to set fire to some furniture at their villa on Lake Como.

On the spot, in fact, police and firefighters would have rushed to try to put out the flames.


Always in the crosshairs of gossip news, even today the couple has therefore made people talk about themselves, in a particularly hard day for their wedding.

After the denial arrived in the afternoon directly by Mauro Icardi on the rumors of an alleged separation between him and Wanda, came the statement of the showgirl, who confirmed the rumors and therefore the break with her husband.


It is very painful for me to live this moment, I will not give any details about this separation (…)”Wrote the wife of the attacker on a story posted on his Instagram profile, implying that the story between the two is really in the credits.

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Gabriella Ricci

The article is in Italian

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