Romina Carrisi, the photo with her boyfriend triggers the fans: the reaction of Al Bano

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Source: Instagram

Romina Carrisi’s new boyfriend has recently published a tender photo that portrays them together. But what was Al Bano’s reaction?

The last daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power, Romina Carrisi, has found happiness alongside a 56-year-old man. The age difference, for the two, does not seem to be a problem at all and the couple has been spotted, more close than ever, several times this summer.

Romina Jr.’s new flame is called Stefano Rastelli, is divorced and has two daughters. The couple was formed last April, and it all started by chance following a playful kiss that they exchanged a few days before Easter in a famous restaurant in Maccarese (Rome). Now the couple seems very solid and Stefano has therefore decided to publish a photo of him and Romina that is really sweet and much appreciated by fans.

Romina Carrisi and the photo with her new boyfriend: how she reacted to Bano

The social presentation of the Stefano-Romina couple was a success and, finally, no negative comments appeared regarding the two. “Beautiful and sweet Romina, beautiful couple, happy for you!” wrote a user in the comments section. “Wonderful together,” commented another follower.

Source: Instagram

In all this, there are those who were very curious to find out Al Bano’s reaction to the social “coming out” of the two. Unfortunately for the fans, the well-known Apulian singer did not comment or like the shotwhich could mean two things: either he is not a lover of social media, or he does not appreciate the union between his daughter and the more mature Stefano.

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However, we are inclined towards the first option, since it seems that Romina has already done so introduce the new boyfriend to his familywho immediately showed appreciation for the man. Will it be a long-lasting story? Obviously this cannot be known, what is certain is that now the two are living a mature and peaceful relationship, laying solid foundations for a more than positive future. And Al Bano and Romina couldn’t be more proud.

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