Fiorello, the discovery of the ugly evil: “The doctor found seven …”

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The well-known conductor and singer Fiorello is one of the most loved figures on Italian television. The recent announcement of a new show has particularly wowed both old and new fans. Yet Fiorello has recently suffered a bad medical mishap.

Rosario Tindaro Fiorello: an unclassifiable figure, if not for the always high quality of entertainment. The Sicilian is in fact showman, comedian, carabettist, imitator, singer, actor, voice actor and, of course, a great TV presenter.
In the last period Fiorello has become popular especially for the sketches at the Sanremo Festival, in the company of his friend and presenter Amadeus.

Fiorello for the funeral of Franchino Tuzio, Source Direttanews

A novelty in the Rai schedule is expected soon on television screens, with a new Fiorello show on Rai Uno. L’hypeas we like to point out nowadays, it is gigantic and the many fans are waiting to metaphorically embrace their darling again from the sofa at home.
Yet, beyond the glittering patina of the TV, Fiorello’s life has recently experienced an unfortunate eventuality, specifically a medical accident.
Fiorello has in fact had to cope with a tumor, going into detail a melanoma of the genitals. The same showman from Catania talked about it to the fans, trying to joke: “I was operated on for back melanoma. The dermatologist wanted to check everything from hair to pea to check for moles. So I pulled down my underwear and pulled out the ‘beast’“.

Fiorello and the confession of the disease

Fiorello in Sanremo in 2022, Source ANSA / ETTORE FERRARI

And on the occasion, as Fiorello jokes, “And, right there, the doctor found seven moles: seven moles on the pea, you know?“.
A story told like a joke, a joke between friends; but in the awareness that this is a delicate subject, in which men exercise little, if any, prevention.
In short, testicular cancer is still a taboo, with all the problems that come with it. Fiorello then had to undergo surgery to remove the two melanomas in question. A story that, in his opinion, could help those suffering from similar conditions or those who, in case of doubt, prefer not to go to the general practitioner for shame. Prevention, he recalled, is essential.

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Fiorello in Sanremo in 2021, Source ANSA / ETTORE FERRARI

But what is a melanoma? It is a tumor that results from the tumor transformation of melanocytes, some of the cells that form the skin. When detected early enough, it can be treated with the removal of the diseased tissue and part of the healthy one, in order to be sure that all cancer cells have been eliminated. Melanoma usually occurs from the age of 45/50; records 7,300 new cases in Italy every year among men and 6,700 among women.

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