the hard attack of Patrizia Rossetti is just for him

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GF Vip, “He’s so full of himself”: Patrizia Rossetti’s hard attack is just for him; his words did not go unnoticed.

The Gf Vip 7 it started a few days ago but has already given away many pearls. In the most spied-on house on TV, everything has already happened during the first hours of living together. First discussions, first alliances, but also first tears.

Patrizia Rossetti (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

There was no shortage of gods either real attacks against someone who lived in that house a few months ago. During a chat in the garden, Patrizia Rossetti indulged in comments that did not go unnoticed at all. The recipient? We tell you about it.

Patrizia Rossetti, the hard attack on the former Vippone: what she said to the GF Vip

Patrizia Rossetti she is one of the official competitors of the seventh edition of GF Vip 7. The presenter entered the most spied house on TV during the first episode of the reality show and, in a few days, has already shown her strong and decisive character. We are sure that, in the course of her experience at home, Rossetti will not send them to say at all. As she has already done during a conversation with her roommates in the garden.

In the middle of the chat, Patrizia indulged in some rather stinging comments against a former reality show contestant. “He is presumptuous … he is full of himself”, revealed the competitor, who did not mince words: “He is a handsome man, he made his life path and then stopped like all our paths, in the world of entertainment it is like this. But in the end they realized that she was acting“. Who was Patrizia referring to with these words?


Just to him, Alex Belli, absolute protagonist of the past edition of the GF Vip. Protagonist also according to Rossetti, but the idea of ​​him is very clear: “Maybe he and Soleil were the protagonists, but they were unpleasant protagonists at a certain point. So if I have to do it that way, I prefer not to be the protagonist “. Rossetti pointed out that Alex is an intelligent and cultured man, but too narcissistic and presumptuous. “I didn’t like it at all. Those who are exposed to a lot at all costs may not necessarily be sincere and win. The public is not stupid ”.

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Patrizia Rossetti (Instagram Credits)

The words of Patrizia Rossetti did not go unnoticed and, in a short time, they made the rounds of the web and social networks. Many have wondered if the legendary ‘man’ of GF Vip 5 will reply to the digs of the new Vippo, but at the moment Alex has not declared anything about it. We just have to wait to find out what will happen

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