Lourdes the daughter of Madonna forget her like this, here she is today a model: very different

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Madonna’s daughter Lourdes has changed a lot since she was a child. Here’s how she is today.

Lourdes Maria Ciccone is the daughter of Madonna and Carlos Leon and was born on October 14, 1996 in Los Angeles. A great joy for Madonna, who has always been very fond of her, so much so that she now only calls her by her nickname, Lola.

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Since she was a child, Lourdes has distinguished herself for her very particular choices of look that are contrary to the fashions of the moment. She went around the world, for example, a girlish photo in which she showed herself with her very thick and unkempt eyebrows and a mustache. At the time it seemed like real style lapses by the daughter of a world famous pop star, but Lourdes never cared what the crowd thought. And she, too, today she continues to think the same way.

Lourdes Maria Ciccone: this is how Madonna’s (most adored) philgia is today

If you look at today’s photos of Lourdes it is hard to recognize it. The only things that have remained (almost) the same are the thick eyebrows, to which the girl, now 26, cares a lot, so much so that she proudly shows them at every public event.

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It is impossible not to notice that Lourdes inherited from her mother the very provocative attitude (highlighted in each of his photos) and the strong and determined character. Lourdes is also one of the supporters of the women’s liberation movement from the beauty standards of all time, and she often shamelessly displays hair in the armpits and on the legs.


She and her mother were recently spotted at the Tom Ford show in New York and caught everyone’s attention with gothic and very eccentric looks perfect to bring out their magnetic personality.

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An interesting fact is that Lourdes has always tried to emancipate from the omnipresent figure of his mother. Many thought, in fact, that she would become a new face of music, but the girl soon announced that she intended to devote herself to something else, precisely in order not to always live in the shadow of her mother. And she has chosen to become a model, a career that is giving her a lot of satisfaction.

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