“La donna mia”, and what she does in life

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Gf Vip, who is Luca’s girlfriend: “La donna mia”, and what she does in life; all about the reality show contestant’s private life.

The GF Vip 7 it only started a few days ago but everything points to that Luca Salatino will be one of the absolute protagonists of this edition. Spontaneous and outspoken, the Roman made himself known to the public through participation in the past edition of Men and Women.

Luca Salatino at GF vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

An experience during which he showed every side of himself, entering the hearts of the viewers. And her of hers fiancée! Yes, because thanks to the transmission of Maria De Filippi, Luca has met the one who has become his better half. The two met and dated in front of the cameras, but, at the end of the program, their love became even stronger. A love that began four months ago and continues at full speed: after a few hours from entering the house, Luca has already burst into tears due to the lack of his partner. But who is the woman who stole the heart to the chef with a passion for boxing?

Luca Salatino at GF Vip: who his girlfriend is and what she does in her life

Luca Salatino is one of the competitors of GF Vip 7. The sympathetic Roman entered the house during the first evening of this new edition, broadcast on Monday 19 September 2022. And, right away, he showed his radiance and genuineness that allowed him to conquer the public during his adventure to Men and Women. An adventure that ended at the end of May 2022, when the Roman made the choice of him.

In front of him there were, as usual in the Canale 5 format, two suitors, Lilly and Soraia. And it was the latter who prevailed and came out of the transmission in the arms of the tronista. “I wish there were many other sunsets together”, declared Luca at the center of the studio, choosing Soraia. A shower of red petals welcomed the new couple who, since that moment, have never separated. But what do we know about sweet Soraia?


Soraia Allam Ceruti he is 26 years old, he comes from Como but has Egyptian origins. As she revealed to Men and Women, she works comshe is employed and attends a marketing course in the real estate sector. Thanks to Maria De Filippi’s participation in the program, Soraia has also achieved considerable popularity on social media: her Instagram profile today has 153,000 followers. Here is one of the selfies shared by the sweet Soraia on her channel:

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Soraia on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

Oh yes, it is simply enchanting! Will Big Brother soon organize a surprise for Luca by letting him meet half of him?

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