“Prince Harry learned of the queen’s death from the internet,” rumor

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None of the family would have warned King Charles’s youngest son, who would have read the news on the websites

Published on September 22, 2022

News of the royal family continues to arrive. This time the rumor is unbelievable: Prince Harry would have found out that his grandmother had died from the internet. He would not have received any calls from the family, on the contrary he would have stumbled upon the news on the net as soon as he landed in Scotland. As already emerged from the first hours after the death of the Queen Elizabeth, the prince would have tried in every way to get to his grandmother’s bedside to be beside her for the last moments. As already known, however, he did not make it.

Some sources of Buckingham Palace seem to have reported in these hours a Page Six from how Harry learned about the Queen’s death. The photos that immortalized him upon arrival at Balmoral show all the tension and pain of the loss, but no one would have imagined how he got the news. The first phone call was made by his father, King Charles, who warned him of his grandmother’s health conditions. So Harry set out for Scotland, but arriving when it was too late. And not only.


None of the family or royal officials took it upon themselves to warn the prince, however. “They let him find out from the news on the internet when he landed”he wrote Page Six. The death of the sovereign was announced at 6.30 pm, they did not wait for Harry even for the official announcement. However, it seems that only Charles and Princess Anna managed to be present at the last breaths of the Queen Elizabeth II.

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Harry and Meghan would have left London yesterday and returned home to California, to Montecito. Regarding the relationships in the Windsor family, however, the Source of Buckingham Palace always spoke of the relationship between William and Harry. The two brothers had conversations at dinners and family reunions. There would have been efforts on both sides to ease the tensions, it will only be discovered in the near future whether they succeed or not. Keeping in mind that Harry’s book is coming out. The Source also reported that it was great to see Harry with his family.

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