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Luca Laurenti and the touching memory of the illness he experienced: here are the details and curiosities of the story

One of the characters who has always amused the public with his irony is him, Luca Laurenti. For years he has formed an important artistic partnership with his longtime friend, Paolo Bonolis. Together they have led and run several successful programs such as Avanti another, Ciao Darwin, Who framed Peter Pan and in the past also an edition of the Sanremo Festival. Despite everything, however, the man experienced a tragedy about his health conditions.

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Originally from Rome, from a very young age he showed his ability and his talent towards the entertainment world. Early in his career, he begins to perform unsuccessfully at the piano bar. In 1988, however, he participated in the program Tryouts And Debate!, both conducted by Gianni Ippoliti. Before creating what we see today with Bonolis, he works in a tourist village in Amendolara Marina.

The colleague and friend Paolo Bonolis in an interview revealed how he met Luca Laurenti, revealing details that particularly amused the public: “We were looking for someone who sang. At some point this entered lad with a plastic bag of the supermarket. He sang a piece of Stevie Wonder very difficult and we stayed surprised, the we took immediately”.

Beyond his sympathy, has an amazing voice that changes when he sings: “They are just like that of mine. When I sing I have a big voice. When I speak a little voice. People laugh at the difference. It’s like being two, me and the double. But I’m not built ”.

The man is romantically linked to Raffaella Ferrari and, on the subject of betrayal he confessed: “I walk in and see my wife in bed with someone else. Trigger jealousy and kill. Or, I understand that my wife likes it and I share her pleasure. Instead of screaming, I take off my panties and I also put on it ”.


Unfortunately, despite his friendliness and professionalism, the man experienced a drama that left the audience speechless.

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The drama experienced by Luca Laurenti

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As revealed by, Luca Laurenti lived through a dark period of his life as he suffered from depression followed by a series of serious and very serious ailments.

He revealed: “I had all the fears, the phobias, the agoraphobia mostly. I was terrified to meet people and I was indoors, when I went out I walked close to the walls. I won it by looking out. Are you afraid of something? Do it! After a few times it will pass you. “

Always giving the strength not to give up was his wife Raffaella Ferrari, a milestone in Luca’s life: “It was Bonolis who introduced Raffaella Ferrari to methe woman of my life whom I married in 1994 and with whom I had, three years later, my son Andrea. With Raffaella I am resolved. It got me out of half a depressionit gave me balance. She is the square, earthly element of the couple“.

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