Elisabetta Gregoraci kissed him with her tongue: the former gieffino replies embarrassed

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Elisabetta Gregoraci kissed him and the latter now remembers that moment with great embarrassment.

Before Venice Film Festival and recently a Naked for Lifeled by Mara Maionchi, the ex of Flavio Briatore she is tireless and never stops, always ready to help others and to transmit positive messages of solidarity and love.

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Not only a protagonist of worldliness, even for charity but above all ‘spearhead’ of gossip, against which the tabloid magazines could not do without. A striking example has always been his private life and, in particular, a kiss for a former gieffinowhich all of Italy witnessed. What is it more specifically about?

Elisabetta Gregoraci just kissed him with her tongue

The love story with is now well known Flavio Briatorefrom which a son was born, now of middle school age. Currently declares himself single and in this regard he stated, during an interview granted to weekly Graziaexplaining the reasons why she can’t find a boyfriend: “men get a little scared. Maybe it’s because I’m an independent, organized and tough woman“, Concluding:”in addition, I have a teenage son and a famous ex who are intimidated by them“.

Although her innermost desire to find a soul mate is, at this moment, overwhelmed by other priorities, it could still be said that she managed to seize the moment, smacking a sweet kiss to a former competitor of the GF Vip. Remember who we are talking about?

The former gieffino answers embarrassed

This is Pierpaolo Pretelliwho found himself ‘forced’ to answer the pressing questions of Alfonso Signoriniduring the first episode of GF Vip Party, to which he was invited as a special guest, before the live broadcast, in the company of Giulia Salemigirlfriend.

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In this regard, remember that during the fifth edition of the reality show, in 2020, presented themselves as participants the latter, his current one fiancé and Elizabeth. Well! During a moment of daily life, inside the House, the showgirl and the former Velino of Strip, playing in the pool, they gave each other a nice kissas a condition of achallenge‘launched by the same conductor.

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Today, in order to satisfy some curiosity about those slightly spicy moments, the Director of Who he asked if in that kiss there was or wasn’t the languagebecause she put her hand in front“(referring to Gregoraci ed). Pierpaolo replied as follows: “she had put her hand in front of her so as not to show her son. My tongue was in my place. The only language I touched with mine in that pool was Giulia’s“.

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