Raoul Bova’s confession on Rocio. “Marry her? Don’t …”

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Together for some years now, parents of two beautiful girls Raoul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales are not yet husband and wife. The two are not talking about marriage for the moment, even if the Spanish actress has stated on several occasions that she is waiting for the traditional proposal. Interviewed by Novella 2000 Raoul Bova talked about his work, but also about his private life.


Raoul Bova: “I know he is waiting for my proposal, but …”

The actor has revealed that the second season of will soon air Hello Mom! and will soon be back on the set of Don Matteo. He also presented his documentary The lost beauty – The lost beauty: Syria which has had its own space at the 79th Venice Film Festival. It is inevitable to talk about the consolidated relationship that she has with her partner Rocio, who this year was godmother in Venice. Bova admitted that he plans to marry the actress, but right now both do not have enough time to organize a wedding:

I know you are waiting for my proposal, but at the moment we don’t have time to organize everything, we are too busy with work … “ Bova then added that the wedding date is still uncertain but when it happens it will be a surprise for everyone: “The intention is there, however, on the part of both…Maybe next year…” Meanwhile, the actor must think of a special and unique way to ask for the hand of the mother of his children: will he be able to surprise her?

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Raoul Bova: “Rocio is very good! You don’t need my advice! “

Raoul Bova does not hide the fact that he has a deep respect for his partner. She is very good in his work and certainly doesn’t need any advice from you: “She certainly doesn’t need my advice… Rocio is having her wonderful career, she is very much appreciated and I support it in all possible ways … “


The actor, new interpreter of Don Matteohe is very proud of the professional path he has undertaken: she is a talented artist and is proving that she has the right cards to scale success in the world of cinema: “He is climbing to the top in the world of cinema … “. Rocio can only be very happy with the wonderful words that the companion has spent for her.

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