the whole truth about the break with Antonino Spinalbese

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Antonino Spinalbese, in the house of the GF Vip, talks about the reasons that would have led to the break with the well-known Argentine showgirl Belen Rodriguez. However, it seems that Belen did not take it well and this could have led to a censorship of the ex’s words by the director.

The story of the Argentine showgirl Belen Rodriguez and of Antonino Spinalbesecompetitor of the new edition of GF Vip, it’s now over. Fans know well that from their love, as passionate as it is fleeting, the little girl was born Luna Marìloved so much by both Belen that gives Antonino. The relationship between the two, however, did not work and Antoninoin the house of GF Viphe indulged in some confessions that perhaps a Belen they didn’t go very well.

Indeed, Antonino Spinalbeseduring an exchange of confidences inside the house of the GF Vip, talked about some details that characterized the difficult and stormy period in which his love affair with the Argentine showgirl had now come to an end. However, it seems that Belen did not take these confessions very well Antonino. This could be the reason why at some point the director took the shot from Antonino?

Antonino Spinalbese confesses: “We argued and I left, I ran away”

Antonino Spinalbesenew edition competitor of GF Vip and former of the iconic Belen Rodriguezinside the house of the Big Brother Viphe indulged in a whole series of confessions regarding his story that ended up with Belen. The well-known hair stylist expresses himself thus on the matter:


There were the photographers, the gossip, his world. There were also many problems that arose. We were two things too different, two worlds apart. I don’t know if loving each other is enough in a story. Now I think it had to be like this. Then I always left home. We argued and I left, I ran away. I hate fights and so I reacted by running away. After what happened, if I hadn’t become a father, I would have fled abroad.

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At that point, however, the direction of the program detached the shot from Antoninobefore the competitor could finish his confessions regarding the ending of the relationship with Belen Rodriguez. For this reason, therefore, it is thought that the showgirl did not like that the ex made their private matters public.

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