the photo goes around the web but a detail disturbs the fans

the photo goes around the web but a detail disturbs the fans
the photo goes around the web but a detail disturbs the fans
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Cecilia Rodriguez posted a photo on social media in which she showed herself without veils. Too bad for something that has ‘ruined’ the artistic shot.

Cecilia Rodriguez is one of the most popular showgirls on the Italian scene. Born as ‘Belen’s sister’ she then managed to emerge thanks to her beauty and her talent by participating in several television programs. Currently engaged to Ignazio Moser, she often happens to see them together for special occasions – as happened at the Venice Film Festival a few weeks ago – or even at home, on social media, where they show their daily life without filters. In short, the two are a couple that makes everyone dream, like the one formed by Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino.

If a few days ago Cecilia showed herself almost with her breasts uncovered for a video by Ignazio Moser who by mistake shot her while lifting her shirt, in broad daylight, sitting at a bar table, this time the gesture is even more sensational because made by herself in a conscious way. The topless is evident but this is not what causes a scandal. Let’s find out together how she showed up on social media a few hours ago.

Cecilia Rodriguez: hot topless but disturbing detail

The best time to be seen naked is certainly after a nice refreshing shower. This is how Cecilia Rodriguez must have thought when last night, probably after having made a visit to the bathroom, she photographed herself in front of the mirror of the room in question with a very provocative look. In fact, inside the shot you can see a pair of arms that cross to cover the crucial part of the Argentine showgirl’s breast. But that is certainly not the ‘disturbing’ detail.

Despite the breathtaking beauty of Belen’s sister who will certainly have captured the glances of the most interested with her curves, she cannot escape the eyes of those who have had the opportunity to catch the story in question, the mask on Cecilia’s face that makes her look like to a real ghost!


In short, beautiful yes, but probably if this photo had been taken without a mask on the face – and perhaps not with the mobile phone in your hands – it would certainly have generated a greater number of ‘fascinated’ rather than upset reactions.

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