“Already the first signs of failure”: ‘concern’ for the competitors of the Gf Vip

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The first concerns for the competitors of the Gf Vip begin, due to some ‘failures’.

Life inside the Casa del Gf Vip he passes inexorably, between games and entertainment but also some small reflections, dictated by the first mutual acquaintances. For example, Sara Manfuso would have already ‘framed’ Attilio Romita, stating how much she does not like her way of doing and ready to name him, as soon as possible.

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But in the meantime, there also seem to be some “signs of failure”, identified by the same viewers who expressed, in this sense, as much apprehension. On the other hand, only two days have passed since the opening of that fateful red door and the turning on of the lights, so who knows what could happen next.

Gf Vip, a lot of ‘concern’ for the roommates

From the stories of the new competitors, the first ones could already be deduced any ’emotional breakdowns’: it has already been widely mentioned of Patrizia Rossettiready to abandon, even if it is a matter of resolving more material commitments but always related to one’s own private sphere or Luca Salatinoin tears for the deep and heartfelt lack of his girlfriend Soraya.

But in particular, there is a roommate who is making a lot of argumentsbecause of his initials’side effects from house arrest‘, as a social user briefly described. A situation that is in some ways witty, even if a certain embarrassment is not hidden. Here’s what happened and who we’re talking about.


“Already the first signs of failure”

This is Ginevra Lamborghini who, during a long chat in the garden with Amaurys Pérez and Attilio Romita, she enjoyed entertaining them with an onomatopoeic soundit would seem relevant to the ornithological context mixed with a howl, asserting in the end thus: “this is a coded message“. What about a few words in Chinese, given that at that juncture there was no lack of stories about his experiences in the Far East?

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Nevertheless, this ‘curtain’ aroused much laughter on social media but also discouragement, so much so that someone commented: “already small signs of subsidence and we are only on the second day …“, Highlighting a certain irony and of course sarcasm. In fact, not everyone appreciated this goliardic moment even if there are those who would already see it as the winner of the reality show, perhaps out of sympathy.

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However, it is true that we are only at the beginning and there will be other situations in which the cast of the Gf Vip will make us laugh, excite and maybe cry. At the moment, we are waiting just to savor another incredible episode, scheduled for this evening, on Canale 5.

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