Camilla, when she tried to copy Lady Diana with the most iconic dress

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Never before has the old rivalry between Lady Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles, current wife of King Charles III, as well as the new Queen Consort, been rekindled.

The report “Too crowded” between Prince Charles and Princess Diana it came to its end with a separate chapter, however particularly hard and painful due to the death of Lady Din a traffic accident in Paris.

The princess thus remained in the hearts of her subjects, with the indelible image of the sad girl, disappointed, unloved by her husband, heir to the throne of England, who however madly loved her, Camilla. There Shand (this is her maiden name) Carlo met her at a polo match, when he was still a college kid and was thunderstruck. But she was not suitable for him, as a bourgeois.

Carlo and Camilla

If we stop to think about the love story between Carlo and Camilla, we immediately realize that it has all the ingredients of a fairy talewhich luckily for them ended well, to the detriment of Diana, who rightly in Camilla, he saw only his rivalthe woman who possessed her husband’s heart.

For this reason, the British have never had much sympathy for Camilla, let us remember, has already been married to Andrew Parker Bowles, British army officer, from whom he had two children and took the surname. That’s why the epilogue of the story is not 100% like it, despite Carlo’s current wife (the two in fact managed to realize their dream by getting married in 2005)did everything to get at least an ounce of love, of the affection and esteem that the British have always shown for Diana, even more so after her tragic death.

The dress Camilla wore to copy Lady Diana

Today that Camilla is Queen Consort, thanks to the Queen who granted it, Diana’s fans started the carousel of the differences in look between the two. Among all the dresses that have remained etched in history worn by Lady Diana, there is the one called precisely the dress of revenge, flaunted in 1994 at the party of Vanity Fair.

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Lady D indeed showed up with a little black dress with a deep slit, become very famous in no time at all. A bad blow for Camilla, who already at the time was pointed out with the nickname “Rottweiler”, given among other things by the then wife of Carlo.

Camilla did everythingr conquer the British and even came to wear a similar outfit shortly after. The very aggressive Parker Bowles sported a black dress with bare shoulders which led to the confirmation that the rivalry between the two women was there! Did she succeed in her intent of her?

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