Paolo Del Debbio, the big announcement arrives: the journalist says it like this

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The conductor, journalist and university professor Paolo Del Debbioin a heartfelt social video posted on his Official Instagram profile announces what looks to be good news regarding his professional successes. His fans, always so numerous, are in seventh heaven!

New video posted on Paolo Del Debbio’s official page, where the journalist appears in the middle of the backstage of what seems to be the promotion of the “product of the year “. What is it about? Video…

Paolo Del Debbio, a great professional

Obverse and Reverse we all know it as a current affairs and politics program. And whoever conducts it, with great skill and enormous professionalism, is – as they say – always on the spot and at the forefront more than ever as regards insights from the point of view of political events and beyond. Not for nothing Paolo Del Debbio he is – undoubtedly – a very shrewd and knowledgeable journalist who knows very well his business and who recently decided to put his great experience at the disposal of young aspiring journalists and not only, accepting the chair of ethics and economics atIULM University of Milan.

The good news on Social

The man has now appeared in a video Social published in his very popular Official Instagram page where you can see him – as already said – struggling with a backstage of something which seems very, very important, not for nothing we see him appear with his inevitable smile through the monitor of a professional camera between one shot and another. But all of this both video and photographic material what is it intended for? The answer is readily given to us by the journalist through the caption accompanying the post


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His new book is out

“Today on the set with Mondadori @librimondadori for the launch of my novel “The kite line. Life of Astorre Cantacci“. It is close now, September 27 is near, I can’t wait to know if you will like it. If you want to pre-order it, find the link in my bio here on the profile and in the stories. ”, We therefore understood that Paul is – to say the least. very busy in the realization – precisely – of the advertising campaign of his brand new book. A book that – we are sure – will be able to count on a very high number of readers, since there are really many people who are interested in the delicate topics dealt with by the Journalist with his unfailing professional attitude from his enormous charisma which – as they say – allows him to pierce the screen!

The article is in Italian

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