PierSilvio Berlusconi, the sad decision taken: divorce breaks marriage

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The Cavaliere’s son is known for his stable relationship with Silvia Toffanin: PierSilvio Berlusconi is in fact a man with a reserved life, attentive to his own privacy. Yet a painful divorce hides in his past …

In the world of entertainment and, as a correlative, of politics it is rare that romantic relationships last more than a few years: the pressure of the paparazzi, of a life “in the window”, of continuous travels and displacements, is excessive. However, this was not the case with the couple of PierSilvio Berlusconi and Silvia Toffanin, who have been together for over twenty years. An apparently solid marriage, crowned by the presence of two children, respectively Lorenzo Mattia and the very young Sofia Valentina.

PierSilvio Berlusconi and Silvia Toffanin, Source Instagram

Although PierSilvio Berlusconi did not have a life full of scandals like his father, still a media and political giant, he too has his hidden elements; if we want one or more skeletons in the sentimental closet.

PierSilvio Berlusconi in fact married a young woman with another woman, in the midst of the roaring and capitalist Eighties. In fact, he was running in 1984 when he met his first girlfriend during a New Year’s party. The marriage followed almost immediately, together with the first daughter six years later, in 1990. It is this forgotten fiancée (and daughter) therefore PierSilvio’s first flame and, particularly not just, the eldest daughter.

The reason for the breakup remains unknown to this day, but in fact it came to divorce in the nineties; however, the daughter maintained good relations with both parents. Subsequently, Silvia Toffanin arrived; perhaps a more mature love, more solid than the head shots of youth.


PierSilvio Berlusconi and that devastating divorce

Piersilvio Berlusconi as CEO of Mediaset, Source ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

So who was PierSilvio Berlusconi’s first love?
Her name was Emanuela Mussida and, by profession, she was a model with a beauty defined at the time as dazzling. She began her career as a model, later becoming an entrepreneur; on the other hand, in the eighties orbiting around the Berlusconi family, the choice of a managerial career is not surprising.

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Mussida has always maintained an absolute reserve about her post-divorce privacy, spending her life in the village of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina with her new partner, a lawyer. The new couple, according to rumors, later had a daughter who is now attending elementary school.

Emanuela Mussida with the dog, one of the few photos of the former model circulating on the web

Physical beauty goes hand in hand, in the case of Mussida, with that of the soul; Mussida is in fact known for having founded an ONLUS dedicated to animals and their happiness, a natural continuation of the entrepreneurial career undertaken in youth and of its strong animal rights convictions.

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