Michelle Hunziker “stalked” by a herd of goats: “Heidi move!”

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Michelle Hunziker was recently “stalked” by a herd of goats. The showgirl’s reaction is hilarious!

During a recent day in the mountains Michelle Hunziker enjoyed a quiet walk in the woods with some rather special friends: some goats! The showgirl loved the walk with these unusual travel companions so much that she could not help but immortalize the moment in a video then posted on Instagram.

Source: Instagram

In the video posted by Michelle, it seems that the goats are very fond of her. In fact, they began to follow her almost as if she were a real mountain shepherd. A fact that Michelle is not sorry, on the contrary it seems her excursion has enormously amused her! And how could it be otherwise …

Michelle Hunziker walking in the woods with a group of goats: the video drives fans crazy

For her hike in the mountains with the goats Michelle chose a little “mountainous” look but very cool: a long and fluffy pink dress with a wide neckline on the décolleté. To top it all off, a very themed pair of cowgirl boots!

Source: Instagram

Apparently, however, the goats had no problem recognizing her as their “boss” despite the perhaps inappropriate look for a trip in the woods. “They follow me … obviously I have it in my DNA!”, the presenter joked, amused by the rather particular situation. And she added: “Heidi move!”.


The video immediately made the rounds of the web and many ago must have appreciated it. After all, we know that Michelle particularly loves the mountains (being Swiss) and any excuse is good to drop by.

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His life has also recently brightened up with unexpected news: the pregnancy of his daughter Aurora. Although the girl has never talked about it openly (simply asking everyone to respect her privacy), it was the weekly Chi who made the announcement with great fanfare, probably making poor Aurora go on a rampage, always at the center. of a thousand gossip. What is certain is that the unborn child will have a really beautiful grandmother (and a mother) who are always ready to laugh!

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