“Soft waves with a touch of style ..”, here’s how to get it

“Soft waves with a touch of style ..”, here’s how to get it
“Soft waves with a touch of style ..”, here’s how to get it
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Influencer Beatrice Valli amazes everyone with a super chic hairstyle: here’s how to get soft waves with a touch of style.

Milan Fashion Week has officially begun and many faces from the entertainment world are preparing to take part in exclusive events and fashion shows of the most famous designers in the world. Beatrice Valli is also ready to face the famous fashion week and above all to document the preparation of her looks. To begin with, Bea chooses a look that intrigues many of her fans and that sees the indispensable waves as protagonists.

In fact, the hairstyle is essential to obtain an impeccable total look and must never be neglected. Just like make-up, hair must also reflect one’s personality and above all the outfit. Waves specifically are among the favorite hairstyles of many women who, with a simple touch, are able to give freshness and lightness to their outfit. However, choosing them does not mean obtaining a banal effect, Valli knows this well and has chosen an extremely elegant hairstyle that is perfect in her genre. Let’s find out how to replicate the Beatrice Valli waves that she wore on the occasion of the fashion week.

Soft but not trivial waves: here’s how to give a touch of elegance to the hairstyle

The new bride Beatrice Valli has decided to publish a video in which she explains step by step how to recreate the hairstyle she wore on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week. Let’s start by tying the front part of her hair right away. Be careful to carefully mark the line between your hair, comb it and then tie it down behind your head. If we have a scaled tuft we can facilitate the operation by using lacquer or a gel that is not too showy.

Let’s take care to keep the front part of the hair still while creating our soft waves. So let’s start creating the waves with the remaining hair, the straightener or the hair iron will be of great help in this operation. We choose a suitable tool and above all it is not too powerful. Remember that preserving the hair is essential to avoid split ends or the straw effect.


Once we have completed the waves of the mode we prefer, we can eliminate the tools that held our hairstyle in place and fix the waves also forward. In this way we will not only show off an extremely elegant look but we will also be super comfortable throughout the evening.

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